After struggling with an eating disorder (anorexia) in my early teenage years, the anorexic mentality stayed with me for a very long time. The fear of gaining weight and fat was very real and intense, this fear led me to a very chaotic relationship with food and my body.

Even though I was eating healthy, and exercising very regularly, I just could not seem to trim 10 pounds I had around my belly. It was so frustrating. How could someone who eats clean, and healthy and even trains with a personal trainer cannot lose weight?  How could that be possible?  I felt like there was something wrong with me, I truly, honestly felt like a failure.

But after studying Nutrition and Psychology of eating, it all became very clear and logic. The problem is that when you don’t know how your body works at the very basic physiological level, it doesn’t matter how clean and healthy you eat, and how heavey you can lift, you will not succeed at losing weight permanently.

That’s why I want to  share with you the  3 biggest  mistakes I was making more than 10 years with my fitness routine and my diet and that made me gain weight and not build muscle!

These mistakes are easy to avoid once you are aware of them.

Take it with you and listen later. Click below to  download the free Audio.