self love


  • People and things will come and go in your life. But yourself, you have for the rest of your life. You will never be able to escape from yourself, so it’s a good idea to get along well and establish a loving relationship with the person you will live with for the rest of your life.


  • If you love and treat yourself well, you will be able to set boundaries, and you won’t give others the power to hurt you. Because if you don’t hurt yourself, why would you allow others to hurt you, mistreat you, or abuse you?


  • When you love and accept yourself with your virtues, as well as your flaws, you are able to go through life being YOU, freely and genuinely, without the burden of acting, pretending or wearing masks. You are authentic and you will attract people who are similar to your true self.


  • When you love yourself, you realize that you don’t “need” anyone or anything to fulfill you, or make you happy. There is no gap to fill. If you love yourself you feel whole and joyful, either when you are alone or around people. That way, you seek company of others because you want to share who you are, not because you depend on others to make you feel good. People will enjoy your presence because you irradiate joy from within.

self love

  • When you love and respect the person you are, you are more likely to develop healthy relationships with others. Your relationships with others are a reflection of the relationship that you have with yourself. Have a look!


  • Loving yourself is taking responsibility of your own life, health, and happiness. Your decisions, choices feelings, emotions, are yours and nobody else’s. Your life is what you make of it; your relationships are what you make of them. There is no need to blame others for our pain or misery; we are not victims.


  • When you love yourself, sharing becomes a natural flow. You irradiate joy and powerful energy from inside and people perceive that. People with similar energies are attracted naturally to you.


  • Loving yourself allows you to be who you want to be, and not what others expect you to be. When you love yourself you know what you deserve and you respect your desires, needs and wants and don’t settle for less.


What are you doing today to love yourself?