Are you one of those people who can’t pass anything down in the morning, other than coffee or tea?

 blood sugar balance

Do you often wait too many hours before you eat anything solid , then you notice that you become shaky, unfocused, irritable and you feel like you need to eat anything in sight?.


This is a common indication of blood sugar imbalances. And it is very common in people who deal with high amounts of stress. Whether it is physical, emotional, mental , or chemical.


Insulin and weight loss


One of the most efficient strategies I have implemented in my own life and with my clients who want to lose weight is to have controlled amounts of insulin floating in the blood. Why?


Because even though insulin plays vital roles in the human body, in excess amounts it signals the body to store fat and not build muscle!. that’s not good!


So, what can raise insulin levels?


  • Eating simple sugars and carbohydrates especially on an empty stomach such as: bagels, muffins, toast with jam, cereals, smoothies high in sugar, fruit juices, etc.
  • Drinking coffee. While some people can tolerate coffee without any major problems, most people experience a raise in stress response, which elicits cortisol and insulin, both hormones are implicated in weight gain.
  • If you deal with a health condition like adrenal fatigue, or have high levels of stress, you will benefit from replacing your coffee with herbal teas or tea lattes like the one I am sharing with you below.
  • Fasting for long hours unless you are fat adapted and your sugar levels are in normal ranges.
  • Stress of all kinds.
  • Etc.


What to have in the morning to lower insulin without having to eat a large meal?


The recipe I am sharing with you today is a lifesaver when you are busy and not hungry in the mornings, but you need to provide your system with nutrients that will keep your insulin levels under control and be able to wait until lunch to have a meal.


Protein is important in the morning


Having protein in the morning can help you maintain your blood sugar levels in check the rest of the day. But I know, not everyone feels like having a steak or eggs and sausage early in the morning, at least not me.


So, here is a solution to add protein early in the day without having to eat anything but just drink your favorite tea or cafe latte.


There is a  protein you can add to your morning tea or coffee, it is called Collagen peptides. Collagen is a natural anti-aging protein that supports skin, bones, hair; reduces joint pain and helps heal the gut. Under normal circumstances your body produces collagen on its own and it uses it as a building block for your connective tissue, bones, etc.


However, we can help our body a bit by adding collagen in the diet. This protein is very easy to be assimilated and absorbed in your body because it is already in its amino-acid form so your digestive system doesn’t have to work hard to break it down like other proteins.


The brand that I use and recommend is Vital Proteins because it is non-gmo is made from pasture raised cows and it dissolves completely in warm or cold liquids, and it doesn’t have any taste.


You can also use it in cold liquids or in your favorite smoothies or juices to add protein.


Protein Tea/ coffee Latte Recipe


 blood sugar balance

  • If you are not ready to let go of coffee yet, you can try this recipe with your coffee, as the other ingredients might reduce the speed at which the caffeine gets in your system.



  1. 2 -3 cups of tea or coffee of choice ( some teas that work well are: chai, and rooibos, chocolate orange, I like these varieties as well.
  2. 2 teaspoons of cacao butter ( adds delicious white chocolate flavor This is my favorite brand
  3. 2 tablespoons of Collagen Protein. This adds 10 grams of protein that will help keep blood sugars under control, while helping heal your gut, and support healthy skin and bones. This brand is by far the best, it dissolves completely and has no taste or odor. It’s amazing!

          This is also a good brand If Vital Proteins is not accessible to you

      4. Coconut sugar or raw honey to taste. If you are not familiar with coconut sugar Check it out here

      5.½ cup of coconut milk or ¼ cup of organic whipping cream or half and half






1.- warm up the coconut milk or cream in the microwave or stove, and pour into the cup where you will drink your latte.

2.- add the cacao butter and let melt in the warmed milk or cream

3.- Froth the cream by using a hand held frother Like this one. They are fairly inexpensive and work great!

4.- add the coffee or the boiled water (if using tea)

5.- add the collagen powder and stir

6.- add the tea bag and let steep to taste

7.- add coconut sugar if using


It might look and sound complicated but I promise it is actually quite easy!


Give it a try , and let me know how it went!