Hi! Welcome to the Weight loss Mindset Podcast. My name is Jimena Lerma I’m a Holistic  Weight Loss and Mindset Coach and in this podcast I’m going to  share with you the information, tools, tricks, practices, and insights that are going to help you develop the way of thinking, behaving , believing and feeling that is going to get you where you want to go with your body in terms of  your weight,  without having to focus on food and exercise. .


My goal is to help you do the following:


Feel free from the obsession with food

Free from the emotional attachment to food

Free from guilt around eating

Free from having to be on a diet

Free from the obsession with body image

Free from self-attack

Free from the stress around eating and losing weight

Free to feel comfortable in  your own skin


In other words, I’m going to help you Reverse Engineer Weight Loss. I believe that Weight Loss should be a byproduct of you coming to terms with who you really are, who you want to be, how you decide to live your live, what you decide to  believe in, what values you  decide to live by, etc.


When you arrive at a place where you feel good about yourself and your life, your body becomes balanced physically, chemically and emotionally. This feeling of balance and well being then drives your food and lifestyle choices, without you having to force yourself to control your food and eat a certain way. .


When you feel at peace with yourself and the world, making healthy choices becomes much easier. Because you don’t have to  use food as a crutch to deal with feeling empty, sad, defeated or cope with life.


Today we’re talking about How Pleasure helps you Burn More Calories.


We live in a world where a lot of use experience intense struggles with food and body.


Us who have been on several diets and have always tried to control our food we often see food as the enemy and we also see pleasure as the enemy. Why? Because we think that if we’re getting pleasure from food, then we won’t stop eating , we won’t be able to lose weight, no one is going to like us, and we won’t have the life we want.


So, what happens is that we fear pleasure even though we want it. Its like having one foot on the gas and the other one on the breaks, it’s confusing, and we get stuck.


Pleasure is a metabolic enhancer


You and I at the most primitive level are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. You can reduce anything you do in your life as a way to avoid pain and seek pleasure.  For example, you eat because you want to avoid the pain of hunger, and seek the pleasure that eating is. You shower because you want to avoid the pain of feeling sticky and smelling bad, and see the pleasure of feeling clean and fresh.


This is how pleasure helps you burn more calories and lose weight. I talk about this in depth in The Easy Weight Loss Program. The optimal state of digestion and calorie burning is the Relaxation state, or parasympathetic state. Pleasure induces the relaxation response, it drives the body into a relaxation state. When you go for a walk on the beach enjoying the breeze, the sun, you feel pleasure of being there, and you feel relaxed.


So, you might say, well does that mean I can eat everything I want, the ice cream, the pizza, the brownies, because it gives me pleasure. Well, no you know it doesn’t work like that. Pleasure is an intelligence. You have to learn how to do it with wisdom. You cannot think pleasure is your enemy. It is your friend.


You have to let the joy of life come into your body when you eat. Because when you do that, you change your metabolism, your chemistry, and when you change your metabolism you start to calorie burn your food more fully. Your body absorbs what it needs and excretes what it does not need.


By experiencing pleasure with food, you give yourself the best experience of life.


And that is how you start to shift your mindset from deprivation, punishment and guilt to allowing yourself to feel pleasure through the food you eat, and in this giving your body the best chance to process the food you eat, to carry the nutrients where they need to go, and to release what it does not need.


By letting pleasure in when you eat, you keep the fat storing hormones at bay, so that your belly can be flat and your waist small.


I hope this was helpful! To learn more about how you can transform your body by transforming your mind, please follow me on Soundcloud to access the upcoming episodes. Simply Click Here and search for Jimena Lerma 


I’ll talk to you again, in the next episode.