Taking ghee in the morning can help put your body  burn fat fast, help you stabilize your mood and detoxify your intestinal tract.  I have used ghee in myself and with clients with great  success as part of my colon healing routine, and to assist in fat loss.


Ghee has tremendous benefits!, and I use it in my practice  for two main purposes; one to help heal and cleanse the Intestinal tract,  and secondly, to assist with fat loss. I have enjoyed great benefits, and I quite like the taste. It is also great for frying, specially eggs. the whites get crispy with golden edges, delicious!


What is Ghee?

Ghee is basically clarified butter; the clarification process removes the lactose (carbohydrate) and the casein (protein) from the butter which makes it a better alternative for people with allergies. Ghee is widely used in the Ayurveda for a variety of healing treatments. You can make your own ghee, there are lots of recipes all over the internet.  Butter and Ghee contain a type of fat called Butyric Acid; actually Butter was named after the word “butyric acid”.


Butyric acid is the preferred source of fuel for the cells in your colon. In a healthy body, the microbes in your colon produce their own  butyric acid by fermenting some of the fiber in the food you eat, especially insoluble fiber like the one in nuts and seeds, and some fruits, and vegetables, and whole grains like buckwheat, quinoa, millet amaranth.


Healing Benefits of Ghee


A common problem with many people today, myself included, is an Irritated, sensitive digestive tract. This compromises digestion, and makes us more prone to hypersensitivity issues with things like gluten, and dairy. These hypersensitivities come from a sensitive digestive tract. Butyric acid can help heal the intestinal wall because it is fuel for your colon, it helps prevent inflammation.


By taking Ghee we can support  gut immunity, detoxify and to a certain extent rehab the Intestinal tract. A good recommendation is to take ghee in morning on an empty stomach, this forces body to go into fat burning mode. fat is also very calming for the brain, it is a calm stable fuel, it may help us reset the ability to be a good fat burner.


Ghee contains Omega 3, 9, short chain, medium chain, long chain fatty acids, CLA (which may also help with weight loss), vitamin A, D, E and K. It also has a very high smoke point; it wont burn when you cook it.


Cleansing with Ghee


As for cleansing, when we consume Ghee the fats in it force the bile to flow, thus contracting the gallbladder, and flushing a lot of bile. When the bile gets flushed in the intestinal tract, it moves toxins and cholesterol out of the body. In other words, it gets things moving. Specially if you take it on an empty stomach it can also help stimulate a bowel movement.


Ghee also has a lipophilic action, it impregnates into the tissues, attaches to fat soluble toxins and pulls them back into circulation, taking them out of the body.


Our gut is less likely to suffer from inflammation in the presence of Butyrate or Butyric acid.


If you have any medical condition, or are under a special diet, please always consult with your qualified physician or practitioner before adding ghee to your diet. If you are otherwise healthy, give ghee a try, it also tastes great and it is tolerated by most people, even the sensitive ones.



My favorite kind  is actually a combination of Ghee and coconut oil (the one on the photos). You might be able to find it in you area, however I do recommend to look for organic, grass fed ghee, and virgin coconut oil. Just do the best you can.


Life Spa also has a great ghee that is organic and grass fed. I love, and trust their products, check them out by clicking here or on the image below:



Organic Ghee


Have you tried ghee? what is your favorite kind?  share with us below!