Are you pondering whether you should go low fat or low carb to lose weight?


The short answer is both, yes both can work!.


Remember that your body is different than anybody else’s body and when it comes to weight loss, cookie cutter programs and diets don’t work for everyone.


The only way to figure this out, is to find out what works for you right now, and the only way to do this,  is through exploration, trial and error.


So, if you have been eating low carb and it hasn’t worked try low fat instead. If you have been eating low fat, then switch it up and try low carb for a couple weeks and see how your body responds.


My recommendation is not to lower both macronutrients at the same time, because you are going to be starving, and stress your body out, making everything much worse. We don’t want that!


So, if you are going to cut down on what you eat, pick one, either carbs or fats, and keep your protein intake the same.


If you are willing to explore and have fun with it, you will succeed at weight loss! I have no doubt about it.


low carb or low fat


If you are curious about becoming vegetarian, give it a try! And if you have been vegetarian for a while and don’t really feel your best, try adding back a little bit of animal products. The point is to explore to find out what works for you.


That said, you don’t necessarily have to cut down on any macronutrient, you can eat a perfectly balanced diet with equal amounts of carbs and healthy fats, and still lose weight. It just depends on where you are at with your health, and what your diet has been in the past.


I personally have had success with several different strategies at different times, and I have seen clients lose weight with all kinds of strategies. The key is to do something different, if you want different results.


If your weight has been stagnant for a long time, try something you have never tried before and see how your body adapts. This way you will learn a lot about how your particular body works, and what kinds of foods it performs better with.


If you need support, I am always here to help! Sometimes working with a coach is the best way to figure out what works for you, because you have someone who can look at your diet, and your health in an integral way, and from a totally different and fresh perspective.


However, coaching is not for everyone. I know that some people enjoy being able to figure things out on their own. Maybe you are passionate about by doing research and reading lots of books on the subject to understand your body.


If this is you, you will probably enjoy this e-book by Stefani Ruper. When I read it, I was following a Ketogenic diet, which by the way was not working very well for me, but at the same time I was afraid of eating carbs.


Reading this book gave a lot of peace of mind around carbs and fats, and I learnt lots of interesting tricks that women can apply to lose weight without fighting your body all the time. The book contains detailed information on how to find which approach works for you, recipes and lots more. I consider it to be a very valuable read for women.


If you are curious, you can check it out Here. If you have questions about this book, feel free to ask me.


Finally, i want to say that while the weight loss topic is complex and there is no formula that works for everyone, there is one thing that will always work for every single one of us, and that my friend is Self-love!


If you can start there, you will be light years ahead of the game!