We go to a personal trainer or follow a diet and exercise program hoping to find the perfect solution for our cellulite, our flabby parts, or our large thighs. But these “experts” or whoever’s advice you’re following do not know you! They don’t know what you like, what you don’t, when you feel hungry, when you feel anxious, sad, what foods make your body gain weight or bloat.


Your best nutritionist is your own body. You can follow all the expert advice you want, all the blogs, facebook groups, podcasts, etc. but ultimately no one knows more about your body than you do.


There are very few practitioners out there who really take the time to ask you these important questions to get to know you and explore with you the real causes of your eating, health, and weight concerns.  And you know what?………..


 It doesn’t matter how many certifications or qualifications that “expert” has it is impossible to know what each individual should eat, because of the simple fact that we are all different.


For that reason, we can no longer turn our body to a doctor or practitioners like we bring our car to a mechanic. We can’t expect someone to figure us all out without our own input. 


So, start to learn what foods feel good to you and which ones give you weird symptoms. Your body is wise, and it is capable of letting you know what it needs and when it needs it. It knows what foods work for you. 


Listening to your body is such a foreign concept for most people, we live completely disconnected from our internal world. Our mind always gets in the way and our thoughts dominate our decisions…..


“Maybe I should eat more protein, because so and so lost so much weight with the paleo diet” I should eat less carbs because people doing the keto diet are losing so much weight” “I shouldn’t eat more than this piece of meat and salad, because I ate more carbs yesterday”.


We self-impose our own rules around food without listening to the signs that our body is giving us. We think we have to eat this many calories, and burn this much but we dont stop and listen to what our body really wants and needs.


If we fall off our wagon, we think we have a will-power problem, but the truth is……


You don’t  need will-power to lose weight and have a healthy body.  Will-power and perfectionism when it comes to food can become quite destructive and take us to places we don’t need to go.  Having a healthy relationship with food and your body is a pre-requisite to good health and a healthy weight.


Make a pause, and start to pay attention. Do you have headaches?  Do you feel constipated? Is your hair falling out? Do you have reflux? Are you constantly fatigued? Are you sleeping well?  What could your body possibly be trying to tell you through these symptoms?   Inability to lose weight is a messenger! It is a symptom in itself and not the problem.


Start to notice how you feel after eating certain foods, to find the foods that work for you:


Did you get a headache after drinking coffee?

Did you get diarrhea after eating cheese?

Did you feel constipated after eating bread?

Did you get heartburn and reflux when you ate tomato sauce?

What foods make you feel good, and which ones don’t?


Do an inventory, if you need to journal, and keep note, do it! Just don’t get obsessed. If you start noticing that you bloat after eating dairy or grains (even the healthy ones) stop eating them for a week and see how you feel?


If you learn to listen to your body, and eat the foods that your body can digest, assimilate and metabolize well, losing weight will be so much easier without having to control your portion sizes, count calories, punish yourself, or take pills to control your appetite.

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