You haven’t gotten where you want to go with your body and your weight. You have been using  food, exercise, and  diets  to lose weight.  You are stuck in a weight plateau and you are frustrated


Doing the same thing over and over again trying to get a different result is called insanity right?


There’s no better way to get out of the insanity and busting through a plateau than doing something different, specially when we believe so strongly that less food, less fat, or less carbs and more exercise are the only key to having the body we want, it can be very difficult to move forward.


The truth is, if your current dieting approach is not giving you the results you want, you must change what you are doing. I did not change what i was doing and got stuck for years and years, until i took a leap forward.


Changing your exercise routing and diet  is not always the right answer!


Here is how you can move forward too, and break through your weight plateau.  


The No-Diet Diet!


For two months go on a non-diet diet. For two months let go of the rules, put the dieting word to the side, don’t get rid of it, just put it to the side.


Relax your dieting muscle. Pretend that this is your life, your body, your shape, your level of health and be with that as if that is what you have for the rest of your life.


A no diet-diet Means you’re not going to count calories, not going to weigh yourself, it’s an experiment. Give up any exercise that you do that is aimed at weight loss, every moment that you exercise out of fear, hate, disdain for your body fat, you are insulting yourself, your soul, your heart, and you are debilitating your body because it is not taking you where you want to go.


Stop the numbers, no scale, throw it out, or hide it in the basement. Don’t give your power away to a number. Don’t give away your dignity and authority to a number.


For two months you are not going to  count calories, fat grams, carb grams, hours or minutes at the gym, let go of all of it for two months.


This practice will create in you a relaxation response, which in turn increase your metabolism and you might even lose weight.


By doing this you are going into the wilderness, to have a vision, to see something different, when we let go of baggage truth comes in, we make space, life rushes in.


Ask your body what it needs, and get our the wayClick To TweetWhen you learn to trust your body, you will be free. The body will discover its  naturalness as soon as you get out of the way.  


Ask your body what it wants. Self punishment does not attract to you what you want.


Find out what it is to eat without an agenda, without trying to fix yourself, trust that you will find your way, that your body will guide you.


Follow your instinct, trust your own pleasure, if a food triggers you, don’t eat it, let it go. You are going there, because life is trying to teach you something.


Food is an easy place for the psyche to go into guilt. Blame, judgement , self attack, but food is not really where the action is. Even though it feels like it is.  You have to observe other places in your life  and do the work.


Is there a place in your life where you are withholding?  Get interested in your own life, find your natural wisdom. It is inborn.


Life doesn’t open up for you when you have the perfect weight, perfect health, opens up for you when you make spaces in your life, when you slow down and go within.


When you do the inner work, and become who you are meant to be, your body also becomes what it’s meant to be. Whole and healthy.


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