I was blown away by the outcome of going gluten free; giving up bread, and most gluten containing grains for a few weeks.


I had been experiencing stomach discomfort again, and a lot of fatigue the last couple months, (if you have read my story, you know how severe my gut issues were in the past) so, I wanted to do an experiment removing gluten from my diet and see if anything would change. While I don’t believe that gluten is the cause of all problems that it’s being blamed for , I do believe that most of the wheat produced in america has lots of issues, and a lot of us don’t have the healthy digestive systems that are required to break down the protein molecules in gluten, which can cause a lot of trouble.

Bread was my weakness for years…

In the past, bread had been one of my weaknesses, I had said before that I had a love/hate relationship with bread because I loved the taste, but hated it because I thought It made me gain weight. When I stopped dieting and restricting myself, I went all out! I gave myself permission to indulge and I ate a lot of bread and pastries. Yes, I found the best quality I could, I went to town and enjoyed it.


After a while, I found that I was just buying loaves and loaves out of habit, and I wasn’t necessarily craving it anymore; it was actually causing me stomach upset….my stomach felt really heavy after eating it.


I don’t really eat much pasta or anything else with gluten, bread was the main thing for me. So, I decided to remove bread and everything else I was eating that had gluten containing grains; it wasn’t hard to do, because over the years I have cleaned out my diet a lot and grains are not a big part of it. To make things easier, I actually followed the meal plan and stuck to the ingredients in my Easy Weight Loss program because I know I love those recipes.


The Results…

So, anyways I haven’t missed bread at all. After 3 weeks of going gluten free and following the meal plan , my stomach upset has improved considerably and the fatigue, well….. I’m still working on it! 🙂  but to my surprise I actually lost quite a bit of weight! even thought this wasn’t the purpose of going gluten free. I lost about an inch off my belly and an inch around my waistMy hips have shrunk also; which has allowed me to fit in another pair of skinny jeans I had in the closet. I have to admit, it feels pretty good.


I wanted to share my experience because I thought maybe you’ve been considering going gluten-free to improve your health or to see if it helps you lose weight, but you haven’t made the decision.


If you’re hesitant, I encourage you to try it for a couple weeks as an experiment, because you might be surprised with the results. Who knows your waist might shrink too!


My Easy Weight Loss Program is actually gluten and dairy free, not because I’m against gluten, but because most people need to heal their digestive systems before they can digest gluten again. If you’re not sure how to go about going gluten free, check out this program because I have included shopping lists, recipes and sample daily meal plans to make your life easier.


In the program i actually give you valuable tips so you can know exactly what type of bread and gluten containing grains to buy to avoid most of the dangers and issues of eating wheat and gluten, once you’re ready to eat them again.


Good luck on your experiment going gluten free and I look forward to hearing about your results.