Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt horror because of the cellulite on your thighs? Do you feel disappointed every morning when you hop on the scale and nothing’s changed?


Are you planning a Beach Vacation and need to buy a bathing suite but cringe at the idea of looking at yourself in the fitting room mirror?


Have you ever longed to be taller, thinner, younger, or more muscular?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome to the club!. In fact, you are among the 80 to 90 percent of women and some men, who dislike their physical appearance and are dissatisfied with their bodies. This epidemic is called Body Hatred.


I suffered from Body Hatred for over 15 years and I can relate to all those feelings mentioned above, but I don’t feel like that anymore! and during this series  I’m  showing  you exactly how you can free yourself from body hatred for good!


How does Body Hatred  manifests itself in your life?

In more ways than you might imagine!


Beauty and Body size are often associated with success-in relationships, business, or any other facet of life, and if you don’t think you meet society’s “beauty ideal”, you may feel inadequate, ashamed, and embarrassed.


Consciously or unconsciously, you suffer unnecessarily because you don’t think you are beautiful enough, thin enough, or good enough to live the life of your dreams, the life your deserve. You accept less, much less than you truly want, need, or deserve, because you feel inadequate about your body and yourself.


 Here is the truth: Your sense of inadequacy is an illusion.


Many people around the world suffer from this grand illusion: If I am not…thin, tall, young, fit, strong, toned, etc.., I can’t live my life fully or realize my dreams.


Rather than truly loving our bodies, minds, and souls, we want to nip and tuck, slice and dice, starve and purge our way to being adequate.


The main problem is that we think we have to be different, our body has to be different. We believe that we need to change something about ourselves in order to be deserving of love, attention and affection.


Negative Body Image

This sense of not being good enough is like a Virus in our society. Some people call it Negative Body Image, so let’s go with that name.


Negative Body Image can be defined as: every thought, feeling and action that makes your sense of self-worth dependent on your physical appearance. It’s the voice that says “If I lose weight, I’ll  feel good about myself”. It’s  the feeling that if only you were taller, thinner, younger, or stronger, you would be more deserving, more attractive, and more lovable than you are right now.


So, let’s look at some signs of Negative Body Image, so you can find out if you are suffering from this:


  • You sigh and experience resignation when you notice wrinkles around your eyes
  • You constantly compare your body to others, specially fitness or fashion models
  • You feel dissatisfied everytime you look in the mirror, no matter what size you are
  • You feel defeated when your favorite pair of jeans no longer fit.
  • You go to the beach and are self-conscious about how you look in a bathing suite, you try to cover yourself as much you can.
  • You panic when you realize you ate too much at your last function
  • You feel anxious about maintaining your size and shape in order to get or keep the relationship or job you want or have.


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Improve your body for the right reasons


Now, let me make something clear, the problem with negative body image is not that it makes you want to change. There’s  nothing wrong with wanting to get stronger; to become healthier; feel more radiant, beautiful, etc. In fact, your desire for improvement is an amazing tool and motivation for becoming a better version of yourself.


However, the problem is that when you have negative body image, your desire for change is motivated by a sense of inadequacy, a hidden belief that you are not quite good enough the way you are. When our desires come from a place of rejection and inadequacy, your attempts to fulfill them often fail or require tremendous effort and sacrifice.


When you learn to fully befriend, accept, and love yourself, on the other hand, improvement can happen with patience, ease and grace. When you tackle your goals from a place of acceptance and perfection, your potential for growth is unlimited. The reality is that you are enough; you are more than enough, right now, in this moment, regardless of anything and everything else.


Is having Negative Body Image Normal, and something we should live with?


Does the fact that most women and a growing number of males experience negative body image make it normal? Maybe….. But, Who wants to deal with all this “BS” as part of their life?


Should we just accept that Negative Body Image is just the nature of life in modern society, and something we just have to learn to live with? How about Love for your body and complete freedom from physical dissatisfaction as the best option?


The discontent we have about ourselves might be common, but it’s not necessarily normal or natural.


There’s  nothing natural about always wanting to be different or have a different body, so you can feel beautiful and deserving. There’s nothing natural about feeling depressed everytime you look in the mirror. It’s not natural to believe that life would be better if you just weighed a few less pounds.


What is natural to me is: Having a strong, unconditional, and unwavering love and respect for yourself, and Knowing that you are lovable, worthy, accomplished and beautiful in this very moment.


Negative Body Image is common but that doesn’t make it normal and much less appropriate.


You don’t have to live with Negative Body Image.

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