Have you ever had the experience when you have gone on vacation, eaten much more than usual and lost weight?


According to the old paradigm of nutrition, this is impossible at best (or else it is a miracle).


I have certainly noticed that every time I spent a few days at the lake, I come back and my clothes start to feel looser, specially around my waist! – who doesn’t  like that?


To the new understanding about digestion and metabolism, the reason for this weight los is simple to understand.


While on vacation many of us do something that is highly unusual. We relax. We move from chronic state of stress (sympathetic dominance) to a state of repair, rest and digest (parasympathetic dominance) – this is where you want to be most of the time!


Maybe you are the kind of person who seems to be doing everything right for weight loss but are stuck on the same plateau?


Then, ask yourself about stress. Do you live a hurried life? Are you rushing through your meals just to get them out of the way? Do you work a high stress job?


If so, then no amount of exercise or diet will get you where you want to go.

stress and weight loss


When you are stressed out on a daily basis, your body secretes high levels of fat storing hormones, and we know where  stress weight goes -right into your belly and love handles!


Exactly! Your belly, and  love handles might have nothing to do with eating carbs, but they have all to do with chronic stress (physical, chemical, emotional, environmental, etc.)


Also, when we relax, our frame of mind changes our metabolism to such a degree that we can eat more and yet lose weight.


The point of course is not to reach for everything that you want to eat  or to live in a perpetual vacation, even though this sounds good too!.


The point is that many of us just need to let go, relax more, and live more  because we will metabolize better and avoid accumulating unwanted weight.


Your task is to do something of the greatest difficulty: Your task is to: Relax! Stop producing so much Cortisol (stress hormone).


Here is a great simple  way to add relaxation into your routine and lower levels of fat storing hormones


Help yourself slow down and relax and at the same time increase your nutritional metabolism with this simple exercise:


Commit to providing yourself the gift  of more time at each meal. Trust that the world and the multiple things you have to do can wait while you take a few more minutes with food.


  • Commit to eating only in a sitting position
  • Create a pleasant environment for eating. (place a flower near you, clear the eating space, use your favorite dinnerware, etc. make yourself feel good!)
  • If you take 5 minutes for breakfast bump it to ten
  • Give yourself at least 30 minutes for lunch and dinner
  • While you eat choose not to answer calls, emails, or to  catch up on social media updates, or engage in any other form of work while you eat.
  • Even rearrange your home and work schedules to allow yourself to have more time to eat.


Why you should commit to doing this?


Because eating is a BIG deal! What you eat becomes you, becomes every cell in your body.

Food is information, and your thoughts, behaviors and feelings about food affect the way your body assimilate what you eat.


The more you relax around food and while you eat, the easier losing weight will be! Trust me, I have experience this first hand- the moment i relaxed around food, and committed to lowering my stress levels, it was then when effortless weight loss began- and this experience is priceless.


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