Before we talk about how to eliminate sugar cravings, let have a closer look at Processed sugar so you understand why it causes addiction. 

What is sugar?

Most processed sugar comes from sugar cane. Think about it, sugar cane  is a STICK, and it’s very hard to eat. It was never meant to be processed and consumed in large amounts. Think about how much sugar cane you’d have to chew to get an amount of sugar equal to a tablespoon of processed sugar?  probably a few feet! That’s a lot of chewing.

White sugar is stripped of all the minerals, enzymes and vitamins that you’d get if you actually chewed on sugar cane. It  comes  in such high concentration that the body can’t  process it without side effects, including osteoporosis. Your body has to use it’s own minerals to process the white sugar, and it can eventually lead to osteoporosis, amongst other issues.

What about agave and maple syrup? This are  still heavily concentrated sugar. It doesn’t come out of the plant that way, and the consumption of these products should be moderate. 

If you have already thrown away all processed sugar, because you admitted that you were a sugar addict, after years of denial, but you  loaded up on agave because its “healthy” sugar, you’re still a sugar addict. 

Some vegetarians make this mistake because they are so focused on not eating meat that many become sugar junkies, so we must be very aware of this. 


What happens when concentrated sugar enters the body?

I think we can agree that processed sugar is detrimental to health, plain and simple. Your joints swell, your liver swells and your brain swells. 


Processed Sugar will block the healing of your body if you have any injury or chronic illness. It also  feeds cancer and all infectious diseases. Sugar blocks the absorption of the nutrients you are eating, especially all of your minerals. I could go on, but instead you can  check out  This website will give you the 143 reasons why sugar will destroy your health.  You can also read Pure, White, and deadly by John Yudkin. In 1972 he accurately predicted the health disaster that is currently taking place in America because of our addiction to sugar, but he was ignored.


Honey, agave and coconut sugar  are better choices than processed table sugar, but they should still be used in moderation and sporadically. To work on eliminating a sugar addiction, you might even have to limit your fruit intake for a while, sticking to  low sugar whole fruits will help (lemons, limes, berries, green apples) .  This will definitely take some effort.


On the other hand, Sometimes we give food a lot more power than it has. A few clients of mine, who don’t have a sugar addiction, because they  don’t really  eat much processed sugar, they only indulge once in a while; think they do, they trust themselves  so little that they  think if they  indulge a little they  won’t be able to stop.  if that’s you, Are you that scared of your own body?

Don’t give so much power to a food! You are the one who has the power, so exercise your prerogative.


4 Good Reasons why you crave Sugar, and chocolate:

1.- If you crave chocolate like crazy, specially before and during your period; you don’t have a chocolate addiction, your body is starving for Magnesium because your’re pushing too hard, and moving too fast in life. check out my post on the truth about chocolate cravings here

2.- Your are not eating enough fat and protein. When you skimp on the fat because you think it will make you fat, and you don’t get enough protein in your diet, you’ll suffer the consequences, because your body will try to send you all kinds of signals that you need to eat fat, and sometimes you might have all kinds of constant cravings because of this. 

3.- You have blood sugar imbalances.  If you’re living in stress like most people, your adrenals can’t keep up with the load and maintaining normal sugar levels in the blood becomes challenging. This translates into blood sugar crashes; which make you reach for sugar as a way to quickly bring you back up. However if you eat processed sugar, you’ll be causing a steeper crash, that continues to deplete your adrenal glands over time. Below you’ll have 10 different practices to maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day.  

4.- Your taste-buds have been hijacked. If you are hooked on sugar and processed foods because you’ve been eating them since childhood, your taste-buds have been compromised and your body is used to the high stimulation of concentrated sugar sources like white flour, candy, coke, cakes, pastries, etc. Sticking to a balanced diet filled with whole foods and low glycemic fruits and carbs will help bring your taste-buds back to balance, and you won’t even crave  high sugary foods anymore. 


The worst thing you can do to Eliminate a Sugar Craving is to Fight with your cravings, and beat yourself up!


When you beat yourself up, and constantly feel guilty for craving those foods and giving in to the cravings, you are creating more tension, which will only intensify the craving. Be gentle with yourself, always, and try to understand why you are having those cravings.


You can break the addiction by using the “holding technique” that I talked about in Part I of this post. Check it out HERE, and by applying the 10 strategies below.


Instead of reaching for sugary treats because you’re feeling a little “down” and could use a little pick-me-up, why not learn how to fuel your body naturally and eat foods that minimize cravings? Constant cravings only signal that your body is not getting the right nutrients.


I get it…


Unfortunately, the kind of food that tempts you late at night that seems impossible to say no to, but when you put the strategies below in practice, you’ll notice how the cravings slowly go away. 


Your body WANTS to feel healthy. It WANTS to be working flawlessly for you. That is why with the right dietary and mental approach you can feel healthy and amazing so quickly.


Here are 10 Steps to help you break the sugar addiction and cravings.  


Follow a Good Eating Rhythm. 

Avoid sugar spikes, and feeling ravenous, because its at those times when you’ll reach for whatever is around you specially if it’s sugar. You can prevent this by eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks if needed. Skipping meals is not ideal when trying to eliminate cravings, specially if you have blood sugar imbalances.

Drink Water:

Sometimes the signal that is sent to the brain tricks your body into thinking you want sugar when in fact, you may just be thirsty. Sipping water throughout the day is good way to keep hydrated and keep the cravings down. Add lime juice for extra detox. Also, by drinking water all day, you’ll avoid all those sugary drinks that add up very quickly. After all, water is the ONLY liquid your body needs.

Build the Adrenal Glands:

If you’re waking up tired after a good night sleep, you likely  have adrenal issues. The proper functioning of this gland is key. Adrenals balance blood sugars and mineral levels in the body. Reducing stress (physical, mental, emotional, chemical) is key to restore proper adrenal function. 

Consume Enough Minerals: 

Sugar greatly affects mineral absorption and causes major deficiencies. Mineralizing the body will cut down on cravings. Drinking mineral water is a great way to get more minerals in the diet. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with minerals as well. 

Fat to the Rescue:

Eating good fats will not make you fat. Sugar is what can make you gain weight. In fact, eating high quality fats is the BEST way to curb cravings, provide a quality fuel source for the body, increase metabolism and lose weight. Real butter, fatty fish, Nuts, seeds, avocadoes, olives and coconut are great choices.


The benefits of exercise are immeasurable. The body was meant to move. We’ve all heard muscle burns fat. It’s true, work on building muscle with light weights, yoga or any exercise program. Moving muscles builds muscles, pick your favorite way to move! Get serious about exercise, your health depends on it. Exercise also increases endorphins; which make you feel happy and when you feel happy you’re less likely to crave sugar for comfort. 

Eat Fermented Foods:

Fermented foods stop the teeter totter effect from salt to sugar. They are more neutral food, therefore cutting cravings. According to Donna Gates at Body Ecology, this is THE best way to curb sugar cravings. Quality cultured foods include: kombucha, kevita,  kimchi, coconut kefir, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, and sauerkraut. 

Eat Leafy Greens:

These will build your health, and will help reset  your taste buds!  Green smoothies are a great way to hide some greens. Here’s a great recipe for beginners. 

Eat Balanced Meals:

A quality protein source is always a better choice than processed white flour products that are sugar in the body.  Protein gives more sustainable energy over complex starches which cause blood sugar imbalances and leads to cravings. A healthy meal consists of protein, veggies and healthy fat. Make sure to have those three at every meal to eliminate sugar cravings faster, and avoid blood sugar crashes. 

Use Herbs:

Cinnamon is well known for helping in maintaining normal sugar levels in the blood and help with metabolism, so sprinkle cinnamon on your fruit and add to smoothies and tea.  


A Solution for You:

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