Do you think loving yourself is a good idea, but don’t have a clue what that even looks like?  Welcome to this blog series, where we will guide you step by step in this process.


Have you been letting your idea of how you should look eclipse the beauty of who you are?


Loving your body is not going to happen overnight. Afterall, Negative Body Obsession has been telling you for years to hate your body and You are trapped in a routine of hating your body.


Look at this quote from Michelangelo :

“ What spirit is so empty and blind , that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe , and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?”


But before we can talk about  loving  your body, let’s start by understanding what the body is. I personally like how Sara Maria, explains what the body is  in her book “Love Your Body, Love your life”.


She says: “Your body is an expression of an underlying energy field. Everything Physical, including your body is made up of energy, and this energy emanates from an underlying quantum field”.


This definition  might sound a bit too scientific, but it really just means that your body is  Energy coming from the ultimate source where everything comes from. Your body appears to be a solid object because this is how your senses interpret the moving energy and information.


In more simple and useful  terms,  I like to think about the body as a vessel, something that we have a relationship with. It is  your tool to fulfill your purpose in this life. It truly is your temple.


Sara Maria tells us that Your body is made up of three dimensions:  Physical, energetic, and causal.  Science is still trying to verify the existence of your causal (soul)  body, we have not been able to determine where “you” is…..  This is why we can’t wait for science to give us all the answers, when they are right inside of everyone of us.


The physical body is the most obvious and the one that has most likely given you the greatest challenge.  Our bodies are in constant dynamic changing state. Look at this crazy statistics from Deepak chopra’s Magical Body, Magical mind


  • Your body replaces 98% of its atoms in less than one year
  • You get a new stomach lining every five days
  • You get a new liver every six weeks
  • You create a new skeleton every three months
  • A whole new skin is generated every month.


Isn’t that cool? How could we not be able to heal, when the body is regenerating itself all the time?


Imagine the amount of energy that your body that your body uses to keep up with this process of constant rejuvenation.  


The body’s greatest caloric need by far is simply the act of constant functioning on the cellular level.  I wish i’d known that many years ago, when i used to think that if I didn’t exercise I didn’t deserve to eat! My obsession led  me to believe that I had to justify every calorie eaten with physical activity…..crazy right?


how to love yourself


How Your Thoughts impact your Body


Every time you think you influence your body’s cellular activity. When you have a thought, feeling or emotion, your nervous system generates a cascade of chemicals to allow cells in your body to speak to one another.  What your cells tell each other will depend on how your brain is wired; in other words the way you have trained your brain to think. Each cell  in your body has receptors on its surface that recognize these chemicals.


When you suffer from negative body obsession and you express hatred towards your body by saying things like, “I am so fat”, I hate my thighs, my belly, my butt,  my cellulite, my stomach, etc. you are literally sending messages to your cells and this will influence the health of your cells, and how your body functions. Fortunately, positive thoughts and emotions also have a profound effect, and as we learn to treat ourselves with love and gratitude we can begin to transform ourselves and the world around us.


So, next time you  look in the mirror and see cellulite, instead of critiquing, judging and condemning your body, watch your self-talk and try transforming it to one of  love and compassion, because your cells are always listening!


If you don’t believe me check out the work of Masaru Emoto at  he found that crystal formation seems to reflect the words, music, or actions that water is exposed to as it freezes. Given that our bodies are predominantly water, these findings have profound implications in our body.


In addition to this, your body is always calibrating itself to daily cycles, lunar cycles and seasonal cycles. This calibration also occurs at a cellular level, your cells are constantly adjusting to their environment seeking for survival.


You are what you eat, but also what you think. You must think in a consistent way with who you want to be and what you want to look like.


Remember, it takes practice! It takes time to change our thought patterns, but it is quite doable! And it’s worth every effort.


It took me well over two years to retrain my brain , and switch my thoughts. I still notice my cellulite and my thighs rubbing each other when I walk and I don’t love it, but the difference is, I don’t go to that place of hate and judgement. Instead I try to find a different pathway.   I have a real sense of acceptance for how my body is, and from that place I move forward.


Be aware of your thoughts and start sending messages of love and acceptance to every part of your body. Your Body will respond to you!

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