This 10 ways to lose weight might go against everything you’ve ever done to lose weight , but I promise you the can help you lose weight fast!


  • Love and accept  yourself regardless of your shape and size


Accept where you are at and gently move towards your goal of losing weight. When you love and accept yourself unconditionally you will build a strong foundation that will get you through anything, including losing weight, because you won’t be so attached to the outcome, you will feel more peaceful and will have more patience, which will in turn build an environment in your body that is favorable for weight loss.

Remember, the body is programmed to hold on to fat, and will support this process much easily than shedding fat.

You must reduce stress, in order to lose weight and keep it off.


  • Listen to your body


Forcing and dragging yourself to the gym when you are genuinely tired out of fear of gaining weight or eating certain foods and at certain times because you are following a meal plan even though you are not even enjoying those foods, will create the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve.


A better approach is to follow your gut, because your body doesn’t lie to you, only your mind can. If something doesn’t feel right for you, take a few minutes to connect with your inner self and make a choice that feels good in your body. The happier you are the more weight you will lose.


Your body is asking you to listen,  It speaks to you through your symptoms, and It offers generous insights about how and what you should  eat.


Listen to your body, It speaks in a hidden language and has some wonderful messages to share.


  • Never go on a diet to lose weight!


Unless you have a particular health condition and need to follow a strict diet, don’t go on a restrictive diet!, it can lead to a never ending cycle of shame and guilt. 


Dieting will likely wreck your metabolism, and may even reverse weight loss.  It takes a Very Long time to get your metabolism working properly again. Work with a practitioner that can create a personalized plan for you. Eat sufficient food for your body type, activity level, health status, etc.


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  • Never count calories!


The myth of calories in, calories out has been debunked several times already, the body just doesn’t work that way, especially when it comes to weight loss, there are multiple factors coming into play. Your formula for weight loss is different than my formula and anybody else’s formula.


Especially if you tend to be a perfectionist or have an obsessive personality, refrain from counting calories. I personally wish I had never started counting calories…my brain became an automatic calculator that I took me years to shut off, honestly!.


The truth is, you don’t need to count calories, you need to be present when you eat, and enjoy what you are eating, that way you will increase your metabolic power, naturally eat less, because you will feel satisfied and weight loss will come naturally this way.


You are not a combustion machine, please forget about calories already! 🙂


  • Exercise Moderately


When it comes to losing weight often times less is more, depending on where you are coming from. If you exercise on a very regular basis and still can’t lose weight, it’s time to do the opposite of whatever you are doing, because it clearly is not working.


This happen to me, and it took me a very long time to understand, since the belief of exercising more and eating less was drilled in my head, and I thought it had to work, but it didn’t! The more I exercised the more weight I was putting on, and the more muscle I was losing.


This might not be true for everyone, but for a lot of us who deal with several different stressors in our life, whether it is from a health condition, a job, a relationship, money, etc… High intensity exercise adds more stress to the body and under stress your body will not let go of the stored Fat, it will pile on more!.


Reducing the intensity of the exercise, or adjusting the type of exercise is the most intelligent trick to support weight loss when your stress is already high.


Exercise is vital for all of us, no question about that!, but we are all different and you must find what kind of exercise your body needs at your current level of health.


  • Eat the food that your body loves.


For a very long time I lived on plain Greek yogurt, egg whites , and nasty tasting protein powders thinking that if I wanted to have a fit body I had to sacrifice. No wonder I was never satisfied and kept craving chocolate cake, pizza, and looking forward to the day when I would be skinny and be able to eat those things without guilt…..


I didn’t know that by punishing myself this way I was missing out on the power of pleasure as a metabolic force. Yes, when you look at a food, smell it and crave it, your body prepares for digestion by secreting the necessary chemicals to turn that food into energy and building materials for your body.

The human body is built for pleasure that is why Nature provided us with so many different kinds of foods with so many different flavors, they are for us to enjoy!

Pleasure is a nutritional requirement, a potent metabolic force, and an agent of health. Pleasure makes life worth living. Welcome pleasure to your table, as often as you can!


  • Have joy and pleasure in your life.


Again, the happier you feel, the more relaxed your body will be and the more it will let go of stored fat. The happier you feel, the less you will go to food for comfort, because yes, food makes us feel good, and when you feel crappy you will not precisely reach for celery sticks right? If I feel crappy I want chocolate, pizza or pastries, you too?


The truth is that the more happiness and joy we find through other things in life the less we will reach for unhealthy foods.


And, please don’t fool yourself thinking that you will be happy the day you look skinny or toned. If you are not happy now, you will not be truly happy even when you have lost weight. Get happy first, and then weight loss will come  as result of that happiness, as it did in my own life and in the lives of several of my clients.


  • Stop comparing your body to someone else’s.

Focus on becoming the best version of your own body. Look around you and see the diversity of body shapes and sizes. Why would one be good or right and other wrong or shameful?  it doesn’t make sense.

Embrace your uniqueness and be your own example of beauty.


  • Question any thought, belief, magazine ad, social media post, etc. that tells you what your body should look like. 

    Instead Create your own definition of beauty.


  • Make Health and longevity your priority.  

    When you detach from the idea of losing weight, you will put less pressure on yourself, you will naturally become more loyal to your healthy habits and new lifestyle and you will relax more into the process. This relaxation state will manifest as better health and weight loss. 


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Where are you in your weight loss journey? Are you practicing any of these 10 things?  Tell us what has worked for you?