have you ever wondered why it is so hard to love and accept your own body the way it is?


For years I struggled with accepting the shape of my body because I frequently compared myself to the “ideal” body as shown in fitness and fashion magazines. I was convinced that my body wasn’t acceptable, and that it should look different.


This belief led me to be in a constant battle with my body, trying to make it look a certain way. I inevitably fell into the dieting trap. I developed unwanted eating challenges, constantly trying to change my body so that i would be lovable.


The problem was that by doing that, I was unknowingly accepting the whims and preferences of modern culture. I subjected myself to somebody else’s idea of beauty, without actually questioning where this idea of “beauty” even came from?


When you subject yourself to these ridiculous ideas, you will likely develop a Sense of hatred , unhappiness and dissatisfaction for your own body,

positive body image

Why do we have such a hard time turning this around?


If you struggle with body image, there is something I want you to know.


As Marc David puts it, Negative body image is like a virus, it circulates in the world, you don’t own it, you did not create it. it exist in the world and it’s bigger than anyone of us.


Our mind has been and is being programmed constantly by this crazy nonsense about what our body should look like to be beautiful. This information pollutes the mind and goes in like a virus.


I still struggle with this too from time to time despite years of work. We are constantly bombarded by media messages that tell us our body is supposed to look like this, or like that. If you think about it, It’s crazy non sense what we are being asked to look like!


If you let them, this messages take over your brain, and make you do silly things like constant dieting, cutting out your body fat, taking dieting pills, etc.


The reason why it is so hard to defeat these ideas by ourselves is because this virus is bigger than anyone of us.


Be Aware, Question, and Refuse to Believe


When you are confronted with messages of what your body should look like , you must be aware, question those messages, and refuse to believe them.


If you look around you, how many people do you know that actually look like “the ideal of beauty and fitness” that most media promote? Not many, I bet. If it was normal to look like that, maybe the majority of people would, and it would be easier to get to that point.


If you really look around, you can see the diversity of body shapes and sizes. Why would a specific size be good and the rest wrong? Why not embracing the fact that beauty and health come in different shapes and sizes?


Luckily there are lots of people gathering as a collective. A lot of people are stepping up and creating a new idea around “beauty” and body image. We are creating a whole new culture around love and accepting our body the way it is .


There are new conversations, new images emerging. In fact there is a Nutritionist out there who calls herself the “Fat Nutritionist” believe it or not, and messages like “Health at Every Size” are starting to pop up.


By joining in this movement we help create a Collective immune response to all those manipulative messages about beauty and body image.


If you struggle with body image, and accepting your body the way it is. I encourage you to:


  • Be aware of the messages that you believe
  • Question them
  • And Refuse to Believe them


Hang around people who can help you take a step further. Surround yourself with information and people that embrace positive messages about body image.


Finally, Like I said in previous articles, it is not about abandoning your weight loss goals. In fact, I am passionate about weight loss, and helping other lose unwanted weight in an effortless way.


It is simply about tackling those goals from a whole new perspective; from a place of open mindedness, love and acceptance for where you are at and a desire to give your body the best possible chance for optimal health.


If you fall in love with your body you can fall in love with your life.


P.S. If you have a client, colleague or friend who could use some encouragement to overcome self doubt and fear of failure, please share  this article. It might just be what they need to hear right now!