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For years, I overworked my body – judging, scrutinizing, and condemning it, pushing it through burnout and starvation. Through all of the work, my insecurities caused me to miss out on my life. Unconsciously, I hated my body – avoiding mirrors, wearing  clothes that covered me, and not flatter me.

I was hiding from myself, and the World…….


I have suffered from an array of ailments including:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Gastro-intestinal ailments (IBS, gastritis, colitis,  etc.)
  • Depression
  • Adrenal burn out
  • An eating disorder that lasted 20 years.


How did I overcome all of this?

I befriended my body – loving it and listening to it. I learnt that I am the expert at reading how I feel and fixing it, not doctors. I learnt that my body doesn’t need a long list of medication to function – it can produce its own medicine, provided the right environment. I am no longer a slave to calories, diets, obsessive dieting and guilt, over dessert.

I have never felt so FREE and HAPPY in my own body than I do right now. Through my healing, I learnt to love myself and see the beauty within me. By taking care of my body I saw that I am beautiful, lovable and worthwhile, regardless of my size or shape.

My healing journey is not over yet, but I have embraced my body and continue the journey toward becoming the best version of myself.
I’ve always loved helping others, but only when I was able to heal myself did I come to understand that I wanted to help others do the same. I began to study the body and nutritional science, which equipped me to do what I love – helping others overcome their challenges with health, food and body. No one has to go through a long, painful journey. I don’t recommend it, am here to help guide my clients into a much easier, healthier way.

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