Myth #1  The Best way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.


I am the first one guilty at this one! This formula worked for me the first and second time I tried it, but after……it ended up reversing weight loss for many many years.


This formula sounds intuitively correct, but is woefully incomplete. With this formula you will fail at weight loss over and over again.


Think about it, if it worked in the long term, if would have done so long ago. As you probably already know, underfeeding your body can slow metabolism, as can overexercising.


Punishing yourself by restricting food and exercising more gets you nowhere close to where you want to be. Instead, true nourishment and movement in a way you enjoy will take you where you want to go.


Myth #2 The reason you can’t lose weight is lack of Willpower.


I used to be the Queen of willpower, i felt very proud of myself because i had the willpower to avoid eating lots of things and stick to a rigorous exercise routine.


Now, I know that having willpower to starve myself was not something  to be proud of because the way I was using willpower was hurting me and making me very unhealthy.


Even if you think you don’t have willpower, let me assure you that your willpower is better than you can imagine.


People usually do not overeat or fail to stick to their diets because they are weak, but because as humans we are physiologically driven to overeat when our meals are deficient in relaxation, time , pleasure, awareness, high-quality food, and when we are trying to feel certain gaps in our life.


You do not need Willpower to lose weight, you need to meet your needs as human, you need Self-love and respect for your body.

weight loss obstacles

Myth #3 If you eat the right foods in the right amounts, you will have good health and lose weight.


This principle seems scientifically sounds but it can cause more damage than good.


You can eat all the Organic, grass fed, pasture raised, pesticide free, etc in the universe and in the “perfect” amount, but you happen to eat in a state of anxious rushing, the physiologic stress-response will cause a dramatic rise in nutrient excretion and your calorie-burning capacity will decline.


What you eat in half of the equation, How you eat is the other half.



Myth #4 The experts and Scientific studies are the ultimate source of reliable and accurate nutrition information.


I must warn you about so called “experts” priding themselves of having the absolute truth and all the answers about nutrition and health.


If your favorite expert claims to have all the answers and to know and have been through it all…well,  be a bit skeptical about it.


Experts love to disagree with one another, their change their minds,  and science is constantly changing, with new information coming out by the second.


Who then can we trust?


Very easy, in fact, the most definitive nutrition expertise is literally found inside you!. It is called the enteric nervous system or ENS- The brain in the belly.


This is your most faithful and accurate day-to-day dietary guide. The enteric nervous system has its own metabolic rules, which are your rules.


This expert within you will help you choose which experts to follow outside you.


This is why the chore of my approach in my practice is to  guide my clients on how to “Listen to their  body” and access their own inner coach. This is the most liberating learning for most people.  


An intuitive art will never be replaced by scientific theories or a bunch of “expert” opinions and advice.


Know your body and honor your preferences.

Adapted from: The Slow Down Diet by Marc David.