In this post I want to give you a few quick tips to boost your digestion and relieve uncomfortable symptoms like: bloating, gas, constipation, reflux, etc.


Today’s fast paced lifestyle, poor diet, medications, frequent travel, stress ( of all kinds) can get in the way of you and your digestion. In fact , digestive issues are quite prevalent in North America and they continue to rise.


It is no wonder some of the best selling over-the-counter medications are: laxatives and antacids, which come with a long list of negative side effects with frequent use.


This type of medications can end up worsening your digestive concerns, cause bone loss, disrupt your normal intestinal flora and expose you to even more health issues.


I was oblivious of this information until I started to study the topic, and took my health in my own hands. Luckily by applying simple daily practices, and some natural supplements, I was able to reverse a long list of digestive issues like: gastritis, colitis, h.pylori infection, reflux, and constant discomfort. If you suffer from any of this issues, know that you can reverse them all.


Here are some simple steps that you can put in practice today to rid yourself of uncomfortable symptoms.


indigestion remedies


  • Avoid eating when you are stressed out, or angry. When your body is under stress, digestion can shut down partially or completely. This means that part of your food will go through your intestinal tract undigested causing all kinds of uncomfortable indigestion  symptoms.


The optimal state for digestion is when the body is in “parasympathetic mode”, which means when you are            relaxed, and calm.


  • Take 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a little water a few minutes before meals. This will fire up your digestive juices, allowing you to better digest proteins particularly and reduce bloating.


  • Chew your food! Everyone seems to know this but not many people do it. When you swallow food whole, you are placing a big burden on your digestive system, because certain foods should have been broken down in the mouth before they reach the stomach and intestines. Chew as much as you can!  just doing that can get rid of your constant indigestion and reduce bloating.



  • If your daily work lifestyle is very hectic, and you deal with high amounts of stress, opt for taking liquid meals in the form of blended soups or smoothies. By blending you are “pre-digesting” your food, so that it is easily absorbed with minimal digestion. The process of digestion in itself consumes a lot of energy, so by reducing the burden on the digestive system, This will also increase your energy levels throughout the day!


  • Take some vitamin P. which means Pleasure. Allow yourself to enjoy your food, be present and enjoy whatever is that your are eating. Your body prepares for digestion from the moment you think about food, smell the food, touch the food. This is called the cephalic phase response. So try not to miss this important phase of digestion.

What is your most frequent indigestion symptom, and what do you do to alleviate it?   share with us below!