I have hated my body. I have struggled with a love/hate relationship with food. I have dieted. I’ve lost weight and gained it all back. I’ve starved myself and exercise excessively. I’ve felt sorry for myself, and then hated myself for feeling that way. I’ve felt guilty; I’ve felt ashamed. I’ve felt inadequate. I’ve believed all sorts of negatives thoughts in my head.


I’ve told myself that if only I was thinner, I’d be deserving, I’d be able to enjoy my life, I’d be happier. I’ve told myself that if only I lost this much weight and shaped my body a certain way  then life would be much easier to deal with, it would be lighter and better.


But here is the great news- I don’t live like that anymore!. My life has gone from pure hell to heavenly. And so can yours.


You can transform you life and relationship with your body from one of struggle, pain, anxiety, and misery to one of energy, happiness, love and beauty.


You can transform feelings of insecurity and weakness to ones of confidence and strength.


In this series of blog posts, I will show you exactly how i transformed my life by loving myself. I will show you  how you can discover that you are beautiful, adequate, good enough, etc.  just as you are right now.


For over 15 years I attempted to find happiness, acceptance, peace and success by controlling my body. I accepted the popular belief that if I was thin, then I was acceptable, pretty, lovable, accomplished, etc.


I put myself and my sanity in a precarious positions by making  my self-worth dependent on external circumstances. My feeling good about myself was contingent  on my body looking a certain way and being a certain weight.


Ultimately I came to understand that my self-worth had nothing to do with how thin or muscular I was,  and what size my clothes were. My beauty had nothing to do with the size of my body. I discovered that my self-worth is an intrinsic part of who I am.


how to love yourself


Amazingly, when I began to accept and love myself unconditionally, everything else in my life began to change as well. My health improved. My relationships improved. I met the right partner. My job situation improved. I found my passion. I began to experience joy, happiness, and love on a regular basis. I began to lose weight. I began to enjoy food like when I was a kid. I began to live a life that was fun, exciting, and filled with passion.


I began to love my body and love my life.


And this is why I do this work in the world, because if I was able to  transform my life, you can too, everyone can!.


The only thing you need is to make a decision. Decide what you want for yourself and how you want to live your life.


If you are someone who wants to gain more from life, who wants a higher level of health, love, fitness, who truly just wants to love herself and enjoy life no matter what.


If you are ready to do what it takes to change your life by breaking free from negative beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that you have about yourself, then you are halfway there! And you don’t want to miss the next episodes in this series.


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