Stop Eating Little,  and Start Losing The  Weight!


Are you tired of going from Starving Yourself to Binge Eating?

Are you tired of Struggling, Stalling, and Gaining Weight while watching your Husband lose weight Effortlessly?

Imagine How you’re going to feel when your belly is no longer hanging over your pants……What clothes that you have hidden in your closet will you be wearing?


I’m a Holistic Weight Loss & Mindset  Coach, and I work with a select group of women 35-55 who are Health and Wellness Practitioners, Artists, Teachers, and Healers who often feel misunderstood in the world,  and who  have had a rough and rather chaotic  relationship with food and their body since their teens, and they feel like the extra weight stops them from fulfilling  their deepest desires.


These women  eat mostly “healthy”, you know…smoothies, and mostly whole foods, with some sporadic eating out.  They exercise regularly and indulge only occasionally; Despite their efforts,  they still can’t lose 10-25 pounds of extra weight. They’re not trying to be ripped,  but they want to be slender and strong.  


They feel guilty and ashamed when things get out of control, and they indulge in “not so healthy” foods they crave. They are aware that they use food to deal with their emotions, and wish they didn’t.   they obsess about food, and fantasize with being able to just eat whatever they need, when they are hungry and not gain weight.


They wear loose clothes that cover their “fat” areas, and wish they could feel comfortable wearing shorts, dresses,skirts, and sports outfits.


After working with me, these lovely  women  finally start to lose weight without following a specific diet or depriving themselves from the food they most like. They no longer need to step on the scale everyday because their clothes are fitting loser; they stop using food as a crutch to deal with their stress and emotions because they feel comfortable in their own skin, and in the clothes they love! 


They feel Lighter, Stronger, More Alive, More Inspired and ready to pursue important projects in their professional life because dieting and thinking about their weight  does not longer consume most of their energy.  


They start to wear lighter clothes that they actually like, such as dresses, shorts, tops without cardigans , and even bathing suits without coveralls!  


They no longer hide from themselves and the world.



health coach



I’m the kind of coach  that likes to  handle tough cases, gets to the root of the problem. I have been Anorexic, Emotional Eater  and had weight & food struggles like you.


Let’s face it, we all need help and guidance from others, there’s no point in thinking that we should be able to find all the answers on our own, and suffer in silence. Specially when it comes to our health and our weight.


YOU are too Intelligent and too valuable to put your dreams on hold  because of  your weight


Stop Suffering, and Start Losing Weight Today!


I would’ve moved mountains for a chance like this 6 years ago. I would’ve loved for someone to spend 30 minutes with me and give me a clear set of steps to break the plateau, and unlock weight loss.


It would’ve saved me lots of years of struggle, if  someone had  guided me into a path that worked for me. 


This is why I’m here!  To offer you a FREE Session that may just be what you need right now.



What my clients are saying:

I can’t tell you how much weight I lost since I began working with Jimena. But I can tell you that my jeans now slip off my hips, my sugar cravings have receded, and when I saw my best friend for a first time after starting the program, she immediately commented on how clear and bright my skin was.

Jimena’s program worked for me not because it contained a magic combination of foods to make me skinny (though she gives you lots of great information about nutrition and the recipes are good), but because she taught me how to stop beating myself up. My inner critic has been replaced with a much more forgiving voice.

Jimena didn’t simply tell me how to lose weight, she has actually helped me change my relationship with food. When I have a bowl of ice cream and feet bad, it’s no longer because I’m mad at myself for indulging, it’s because it turns out ice cream makes me feel physically pretty gross.

 ~ Courtney, Austin, TX. 




In this session, you will find what losing weight would look like for you, and a clear path for how you can get there.


At the end of the 30 minutes you will know more about costs and time frames as they pertain to your specific case.


You will also have priority access to sign up for a full- case review appointment in which we will do a dive deep and begin working on the biggest things that are currently holding you back from losing weight.



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