Uncover and heal the underlying CAUSES of your difficulty losing weight despite eating healthy, so that you can LOSE WEIGHT without going crazy.

Have you ever felt like No matter how “healthy” you eat, how little calories you eat or what type of exercise you do; the weight tends to stick around and stay the same?

Do you ever fantasize about eating all those gourmet foods you see on Instagram and not gain weight?

Do you wonder how the heck those slim ladies can eat all those beautiful pancakes, cookies, brownies, etc. and not be overweight? Do you feel frustrated and secretly jealous that this is not the case for you?



You eat a tiny piece of something that looks like an indulgence and boom! you gain weight almost before you even ate the brownie?

You have been at this for years, you did the Weight watchers thing, the Jenny Craig thing, you counted portions, calories, macros, ate low calorie and sooner or later you went back to square one?

If you’re honest, you probably have never liked your body and how it looks and you often go to bed wondering  if it will always be this way?


weight loss resolutions


Are you the kind of girl that throws in the towel on the weekend because you’re not seeing any results anyways?….



It spirals out of control on the weekend, and here it comes…the guilt, the shame, the self-attack, and you decide to start again on Monday…..yet another diet, another nutritionist, another personal trainer, another diet book hoping someone can finally figure you out and give you the “right” diet, advice, exercise routine that will change everything.


Let’s be honest….  

This losing weight and eating healthy thing is consuming a lot of your energy, time and attention!

You know you’re going to  food to deal with issues in your life and to numb you from stress, and you wish you didn’t. 



Would you like it if you could just:

  • Eat healthy 80% of the time,
  • Indulge occasionally without guilt,
  • Exercise moderately doing something you like
  • and maybe not be ripped, but  just thin?  It’s not too much to ask, is it?




Expanding your collection of dresses, shorts, skirts, sport outfits  and actually feel comfortable wearing those clothes.

Feeling more confident and energized

Loving your body and your life




How about:

  • Feeling strong and showing up in social situations with confidence because  you actually kinda like yourself.
  • Spending  less time worrying about your next meal, what your’e going to eat, how much, who’s gonna eat what; and instead use that energy to create the life or business you want?
  • Navigating food with ease because you’re prepared to make the best choice for yourself; in other words you know what is good for you and what isn’t and you trust yourself?


Would you like to  FEEL  more SELF-CONFIDENT and less Self-Conscious? 



The Approach 


health coach


Gentle, and  Caring but Straight Forward

I bring together a unique blend of fields, disciplines, skills and experiences: Functional nutrition, Nutritional Science, Mind-Body Nutrition, Eating Psychology, principles of neuroscience, detoxification, anatomy and physiology, spirituality, body wisdom, natural healing, and a bit of Ayurveda.


As well as, my own experience in overcoming: an eating disorder that lasted over 20 years, chronic dieting, excessive exercise, guilt and shame around food and body, emotional eating, self-rejection; all of that accompanied by: severe digestive issues, depression, under-active thyroid, hormonal imbalances, and  severe adrenal fatigue.


I honor your uniqueness and your bio-individuality. There is, and there will always be only one person like you!  I make sure things work for you. We will incorporate your preferences and lifestyle so that losing those pounds becomes an enjoyable experience.


THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX ! because you and I know that it doesn’t work like that. This is a transformation.


LEAVE BEHIND: rigid diets, deprivation, guilt, shame, and even “experts”. ENJOY FOOD as  an important part of your life, while maintaining a HEALTHY BODY, & MIND.



  •  You eat mostly healthy, but it hasn’t worked for you,  you haven’t lost weight or gained energy.
  • You’ve tried every diet known to man, some worked, but eventually the weight came back with vengeance and sits around your stomach and tighs.
  • You are tired of hearing about “good” foods, “bad” foods, the paleo diet, the keto diet, the raw diet, the cleanse, etc. and you want to know the How and the Why of losing weight. You want a sustainable approach
  • You feel confused and overwhelmed.  You want clarity and feel like a big cloud has lifted.
  • You are ready to uncover the underlying causes of your ongoing difficulty losing weight, understand them and heal them.
  • You are not interested in counting grams, portions, having a specific diet or follow a meal plan.
  • You want a slow fix that will yield permanent changes, be safely guided and have confidence in your coach.
  • You are ready to put yourself first, and  commit to yourself and your well being.
  • You are an action taker
  • You believe you’re worth investing at least  $95 dollars per week in your health and your desired weight. 


 weight loss booster

 weight loss intensive



  • Complete Health history and case review.
  • weekly one on one  50 min. session ( video call or phone call) where I listen to your concerns, your progress,  and I guide you through a course of action.
  • weekly  recommendations and tools designed just for you and sent to you by e-mail
  • Meal plan guides
  • E-books, food lists, supplement suggestions
  • Recipes
  • Mindset exercises
  • Instructional Videos to support your progress
  •  You’ll receive  all the tools to follow the recommendations, feel in control and  relaxed knowing that you’re prepared and supported. No more guessing or confusion.


  • Unlimited support by text, e-mail or voicemail. (for those times when you feel out of control or when your’e going  to a social event and you are unsure about what to eat). I’m here for you!


  • Preferred rates and availability if you wish to continue coaching after the program.

  • Why often you can’t lose weight even when you are eating less, healthy and clean and exercising regularly. (there is a very logical scientific explanation)
  • How unconsciously you have been down-regulating your metabolism, and how to correct it.
  • Why sometimes  you feel like you’re putting on weight just by looking at your favorite dessert.
  • Why it is counterproductive to get frustrated and stressed out because your body fat % is not dropping.
  • How to use pleasure as a powerful tool to lose weight
  • Why there is no point in exercising in a way that you don’t like.
  • Why when you don’t accept your body, and constantly complain about it , you are affecting your biochemistry and accumulating more fat in your body (and what to do about it)
  • Why fear of gaining weight or fear of not being able to lose weight is automatically making you put on weight and more fat exactly where you don’t want it.
  • And much more…..



Let me be real honest, I’m not in the business of promising or guaranteeing weight loss, because unfortunately I have no control of that, but what I can offer you with certainty is this:


I can help you get to a place where:

  • You are not in a fight with your body.
  • You are not on a diet.
  • You love, listen and respect your body.
  • You eat mostly healthy and indulge often without guilt
  • You feel acceptance for who you see in the mirror.
  • You wear clothes that flatter you and not just cover you.
  • You  enjoy food and allow yourself  to feel pleasured by eating.
  • You will put your body in the optimal state where weight loss can occur.
  • You might lose more weight than when you were trying so hard to lose weight.
  • You feel lighter, stronger, and where energy is increased.

Next steps:

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Note: I enjoy giving clients my full attention and lots of time.  I  only take 7 clients each month, so space is limited. Book ASAP.






Thanks to Jimena’s guidance I made significant changes in my eating habits. I was also able to withdraw my thyroid medication and hormonal treatment for menopause. I learnt how to add healthy fats to my diet, which I was afraid of eating before. Jimena cleared my confusion regarding “low fat” products, and guided me on how to remove sugars and refined products from my diet, and to replace them with more nourishing foods. I was able to lose weight at my age, which I thought was impossible. Jimena is really good at reading people's needs, and help them find what works for them.


Age 65

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