I have to be honest with you ……I’m always talking about weight loss, but if you’ve worked with me as a client or have read my Newsletter for a while; you know that what I’m really all about is 100% MINDSET!

Honestly I don’t even like the term “weight loss”; it makes me cringe actually! but I’ve been using it for lack of a better term.

What I believe, is that Weight loss happens to be a byproduct of shifting into a healthy state of mind when it comes to food, body image, and who you really want to be as a human being walking on planet Earth.

Yes, eating healthy is important; but it doesn’t work by itself! in case you haven’t noticed. Plus what is a healthy diet anyway? that’s out for debate.

If your focus has been “losing weight” as your ultimate goal and you’ve put your energy and attention on watching your food intake, trying to be disciplined around food, keeping the diet “clean” (whatever that means for you, depending on who you follow), exercising, etc. You’ve likely reached a state of paralysis where you don’t even know what to do anymore, who to listen to, what to eat, what kind of exercise to do, etc.

In other words you’ve hit a wall.

If that’s you, You need a change of MINDSET my Friend!

In my practice I give you specific action steps so that you can get a taste of what shifting your mindset around food, weight and body image looks and feels like.

When you work with me,  you practice new ways of thinking and behaving around food; you  place your attention and energy somewhere else so that you can return to balance. By doing this, you’ll lift some heavy weight off your shoulders, you’ll feel more relaxed and free and you might even lose some weight :). But you have to trust!

I can’t help you lose 20 pounds in two weeks but I can help you do the following:


  • Feel free from the obsession with food
  • Free from the emotional attachment to food
  • Free from guilt around eating
  • Free from the dieting chains
  • Free from the obsession with body image
  • Free from judgement about yourself
  • Free from the stress you have inflicted on yourself.
  • Feel free to trust yourself
  • Feel Free to love yourself


In other words, I’m going to help you Reverse Engineer Weight Loss.


Weight Loss should be a byproduct of you coming to terms with who you really are, who you want to be, what you believe in, what are the values you live by, how you go about yourself, whether you have fully embraced being alive and on planet Earth,etc.


When you arrive at a place where you feel good about yourself and your life, your body becomes balanced physically, chemically and emotionally. This feeling of balance and well being then drives your food and lifestyle choices.


When you feel at peace with yourself and the world, making healthy choices becomes much easier. You don’t use food as a crutch to deal with feeling empty, with a lack of spiritual connection, lack of love and fulfillment.


Being dissatisfied with your body is a Good Thing! You should be happy for being dissatisfied with your body.


It’s the dissatisfaction that will motivate you to change, improve and create the body you really want to have.

Here’s the kicker though, Dissatisfaction doesn’t mean that you hate your body. You can feel happy, love and appreciate your body while you work on improving it because you are not satisfied with the way it is right now; you believe you deserve to have a healthier, more beautiful looking body.

Actually, if you are not able to feel appreciation, love and awe for the body you have right now, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’ll never reach a state in which you feel happy with your body, even if you lose 30 pounds and become super fit and toned. Trust me! it will never happen, so might as well start loving your body now and focusing on what’s needed to take your body where you want to go.


Welcome to a new way of losing weight, and creating a body you love!




In my practice I apply my knowledge in holistic Health and Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology of Eating, spirituality, and even Quantum Physics, as well as my vast experience in healing my own body.

Holistic and Client-Centered!


Highly Individualized Nutrition, Lifestyle and Healing protocols

We all have a unique metabolism, and nutritional requirements that we can discover by tuning in to our body.

When you eat a green salad it has an effect in your body that is different to the effect I experience when I eat a green salad. Green smoothies don’t work well for everyone!

I work with the principle of Bio individuality, which means that your body is different than anybody else’s body and you have unique requirements determined by your genetics, lifestyle, preferences, etc. You can discover all the aspects that make you unique by listening to your body, trying different things and noticing how your body responds.   I help you by developing a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will meet your unique needs, likes and preferences.


Disease doesn’t exist

I believe in the unconventional approach that tells us that Disease does not exist. I believe that our body needs specific nutrients and environment (physical, emotional, spiritual, chemical) to function well. When our body doesn’t get what it needs, it goes out of balance, and we experience different symptoms that vary from person to person as the body tries to adjust to its environment.

Weight gain, adrenal dysfunction, low thyroid, inflammation, digestive issues, hormonal issues, and more are all signs of imbalances in the body.

I work with you in designing an individualized plan that includes: nutrition, lifestyle changes, and mindset practices all which are powerful tools that can support your body in restoring balance.


Dietary Approach

I keep an Open mind, and in my practice all dietary approaches can work depending on your preferences, what works best for your body type, and your level of health.

I do not subscribe to any particular dietary theory or eating style. I believe in eating foods as close to their natural state as possible.  In my opinion, the ideal diet is the one that fits your body’s needs at any given time, and one that helps you be the best version of yourself. Myself, sometimes I am a vegan, sometimes paleo, sometimes fruitarian, some days vegetarian, some days I fast, some days i eat chocolate cake, sometimes I follow a high fat diet, some days I fast. In general i just eat what helps me heal, and nourish my body at any given time. I call this: Free Flowing with Food 🙂 

Flexibility is key, as your diet will change several times throughout your life.

Learning to listen to our bodies is at the core of my philosophy. Listening to our bodies from day to day, and season to season is a crucial aspect of creating and maintaining a healthy diet, healthy body and ideal weight.


Coaching Style

  • This is NOT about just giving you a meal plan, a list of “good” foods to eat and “bad” foods to avoid, and a smoothie recipe book.
  • I dig deep into the real causes of your Weight Loss Challenges, and I work with you to remove those root causes, because sometimes they have nothing to do with food even when you may think the problem is Food and your Body.
  • I put myself in your shoes to get a deep understanding of your perspective and what is needed to accomplish your goals.
  • I focus on your strengths and motivations to move you towards a healthy you! What heals your body will slim your body too.
  • I am here to Guide you, Support You, cheer you, and to hold you Accountable, because we all need help with accountability so that we stay focused on our goals and keep moving forward.
  • I Guide you and teach you how to listen to your Body, how to get to know your body, and develop love and trust in yourself so that food and body challenges don’t stand in your way. You will basically become your own Coach. Remember, you are the expert on Yourself! No one knows your body better than you do!
  • All Coaching Plans are fully customizable and flexible to meet you where you are at, and take you as far as you want to be.


“I can’t tell you how much weight I lost since I began working with Jimena. But I can tell you that my jeans now slip off my hips, my sugar cravings have receded, and when I saw my best friend for a first time after starting the program, she immediately commented on how clear and bright my skin was”. ~ Courtney, Austin TX. 



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