Each of us is ultimately responsible for our own nutrition. As we grow, we need to develop our sense of what is the best diet for each of us and not live by the needs of our housemates, spouse, parents, or children, or by the influences of media and society. I believe that we should all review, and maybe challenge the diet we are on to see if it is still right for us, especially if we are experiencing any type of health problems, however big or small they are, or if we simply don’t feel our best, there are probably lots of things we can do to improve our current condition.


Life experience and education have taught me that we cannot find health, healthy weight, and be content with ourselves if we don’t tune in, and acknowledge the world within our body. If we fail to acknowledge the work that our body does every single second to keep us alive, and functioning, we will not be able to access our full potential for healing and sliming. Specially women, I believe that we have a very peculiar design, which we need to embrace, and work with, instead of fight against it.   Healing your body, will slim your body.


I believe that we all need to make nourishing ourselves and stay healthy a high priority because without health our life is just that much harder. Losing weight, getting rid of body fat, and slimming is important for a lot of us, and it is ok to have those goals as long as they come from the right place, which is love, gratitude, and respect for our body.


There is usually an evolutionary part of us that is trying to stimulate and guide us toward our new self, lifestyle or work, while another part of us is used to the old habits and tries to hold us back with fears or reasons not to change.  These fears, which may be internal, but can also come from a spouse, parent, or a friend, can take over and stop the process of personal evolution, or at least slow it temporarily. The old self doesn’t really die, it becomes incorporated into the new, healthier person that we become. Any change is difficult, but the more support we surround ourselves with, the more successful we will be.


Nurturing the basic ability to serve what the body needs through inherent intuitive knowledge is the most important, successful, and valuable strategy for health, weight loss, and many other aspects of life.


Busy lifestyles, and obsessions take us out of this sensitive mode of intuitive knowledge, and most of us get caught in what the technological society has to offer, instead of creating what we need to nourish ourselves, and our families.


We need to make nourishing ourselves a high priority, because without health and vitality our life has less meaning. There is not a lot of joy in simply dragging ourselves around to a job, to the gym, and in working by caffeine stimulation.




Sometimes by trying to find “the ideal diet” we mislead ourselves into thinking that we can find a diet, stick with it forever, and not give it further thought.


The “Ideal Diet” is different for all of us. The fine tuning of the diet then really becomes the art and adventure of our personal nutrition quest. Listening to nature, watching the seasons and the growing cycles of plants. Being aware of where and how foods are produced as well as how the body uses them, (digestion, assimilation, elimination.). All of these things play an important role in feeling more connected to your nature, and to the earth, which you are part of. Everything in nature has a reason for being the way it is.


There is a reason why certain foods grow at certain times, and in certain environments. We can get huge benefits by simply watching the seasons and adjusting our diet accordingly. The topic of Eating seasonally is beyond the scope of this E-book but I will give you an example. In the winter the digestive system needs to keep warm, and it will work better if we provide our body with warming foods like squashes, pumpkins, whole grains, meats, heavier and more fatty foods to nourish the body, which happen to be plentiful in the winter. Whereas in the spring and summer, the body is ready to cleanse, and detoxify and we need more fresh fruits, vegetables and their juices a lot of them raw, because the fiber helps with elimination, and cleansing. In the hot summer we need foods that cool the digestive system, like raw vegetables and fruits, which are naturally more available locally during spring and summer.


Of course there are wide differences in foods available depending on where you live. In my home country, Mexico we have a very abundant variety of fruits and vegetables all year long, but some of them are best depending on the season like oranges, tomatoes, and pomegranates. In contrast in the Canadian Prairies, which is now my home, the availability of foods changes quite drastically from season to season.


To learn more about eating seasonally, I recommend the site LIFE SPA , which has a lot of free information, and tools to learn how to eat seasonally. I also buy a variety of supplements from their online store because of their high quality, and service.


Pay attention to how your cravings, and needs for food change with the seasons. Follow your intuition to decide what will best nourish your body. Choosing local wholesome foods is a way of eating seasonally, according to nature. It is also more economical, and supportive of your community.


So, how do we eat healthy, improve our health, lose fat, achieve a healthy weight, exercise adequately, heal, and in the process not stress about food, and everything around it?


Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?…….. Well, it is not, it can be done!  Just takes practice, and patience.


By learning how to listen to your body, you are accessing powerful wisdom stored in your body, which will guide you on your way to restoring your health, your weight, and overall well-being.




Diet is simply what we eat. What each of us eats is our individualized diet. Through knowledge, intuition, and experimentation, we can learn what works best for us.




Think of diet as a basic wholesome daily food intake, rather than a special project to be struggled through on occasion, until returning to the habitual way of eating that created the body that we are trying to heal, or change.




Know that your requirements for nutrients are individual and unique to your body. And, that they change constantly with age, lifestyle, health condition, stress level, digestion ability, and many more.


NUTRITIONAL FLEXIBILITY: a willingness to explore when it comes to food and diet. such an approach to food gives us the greatest chance for long term health, and a rewarding free flowing journey with food and body. Elson M. Haas



I love this quote! And I encourage you to practice the idea of Nutritional Flexibility! Embrace change, and have fun finding what your body likes, and dislikes.


I have observed that the people around me who have a healthy relationship with food, and are content with their body, have generally good health, they enjoy food, eat when they are hungry, and move on with life. They eat intuitively without even knowing it, they simply flow when it comes to eating. This is where we want to be, Free flowing with food and body!


If you have someone in your life who eats this way, observe them and learn from them. I have done this in my own life by observing my spouse. He has an amazing relationship with food, and body.


The goal  is to build the ability to listen to your body to support your individual needs and keeping this ability alive.


Remember, it takes practice. We have little knowledge of how the body works. We are not trained on how to access the wisdom of our body, but I believe we were designed to access it naturally.  When we were kids we did it naturally, and then as we grew up, we forgot how to.


My goal is to help you remember!