We can choose what we eat, how we eat, and when we eat. We can shed addictions to sugar, salt, or other specific foods. We can gain new attractions to more wholesome foods, and lose weight and improve other conditions, allowing the body to find its more optimal shape and metabolism. But, in order to stop dieting, we must know what our driving force is for everything we are doing with the intention of losing weight. Typically, there are two driving forces: Love, or fear. Which one is yours?


Healing our body should be our priority but let’s face it, a lot of us want and need to lose some extra pounds that we have been carrying around with us so we can improve our health. However, the reason why (your driving force) can either boost your success or end up preventing, impeding and even reversing weight loss.


When being more attractive is our primary motivation for losing weight, as opposed to feeling better, get healthier, or living a long, healthy life, we run the risk of falling into an extreme mindset where we will put pressure on ourselves, and most likely develop obsessions for a certain amount of weight to be lost in a certain amount of time. Often, we might mistakenly think that the more we do for weight loss the better and faster it is going to be. This could not be farther from the truth.


Restrictive diets cause us to feel deprived an obsessed. The more we deny ourselves nutrients that our body needs, the more we will notice the absence of that nourishment. When we spend so much time denying ourselves certain foods, then we become food addicts to a certain extent. The more we deny ourselves something, the more we long or crave those things; eventually leading to psychological harm.


On the other hand, focusing on health is a much more enriching, sustainable, enjoyable, and healthier approach. I noticed that when I made my health the priority, I was more loyal to my diet, more patient about the progress, because I was not in a hurry. This way we become more resilient and not easily disappointed. Remember: Healing your body, slims your body.