The mind is where our biases, and beliefs about food and body are stored. The mind judges, analyses, scrutinizes, etc. It is difficult no to be over-consumed by our never stopping mind. When we are trying to go deep inside and listen to the body, we have to make a conscious effort of focusing more on the feelings that we experience than the labels that we assign to certain foods, exercise, things, people or events.


The mind isn’t always objective, but our body will always be. Trust your feelings, intuition, trust; trust that whispering voice deep inside.


In order to Shut off your mind try the following:

  • Be more of an Observer of your body, and less of a Critic, or Judge. Observe, notice, the positive and the negative without judgement. The purpose is to learn about yourself.
  • When eating a meal, pay attention to how your body is reacting to it. Does it feel pleasurable? Does it taste good? Does it smell good? Are you enjoying it? You will be surprised what you find out. Remember not to judge, but just notice.
  • Pleasure is a big metabolic force for your digestive system. The more you are present and experience a meal fully, the better you will digest, absorb and feel nourished. Try to open all your senses while eating. It makes a huge difference.


Developing the ability to shut off the chatter box in your head will help you better apply the rest of the strategies more successfully. IT takes practice and time but that’s okay, we are not in a hurry. We are re-learning an ability that is natural to us, we just need to remember.



Photo Credit Christopher Campbell on Unsplash