The best diet is the one that suits your body’s needs in the present moment. Observing your food choices is a great way to become attuned, and get to know yourself.  I remembering eating egg whites, and plain Greek yogurt and trying to convince myself that they were tasty :/ . Looking back, I just shake my head, and I am just glad I don’t eat like that anymore.  I was lifting heavy weights, and working with a personal trainer who unfortunately was not trained on nutrition, she suggested that I cut my calories to lose more fat; I did, and of course that made things worse.


Try different foods, pay attention to the reactions they trigger in you, smell them, appreciate the shape, and just observe your feelings, you will learn a lot this way. Of course the mind will always try to impose itself and throw labels, and judgments at you, but just notice those things and gently let them go. Go back to the sensations.


  • Sensuous eating vs mindful eating. When we tune into our preferences we can nourish ourselves to the fullest potential. Turn on all your senses every time you put something in your mouth.


  • Even the healthiest diet will not be utilized properly if we are stressed out, upset, or eat on the run. Take time with meals, turn off electronic devices, and dive into the experience of nourishing your boy.


  • Remember that your body talks to you through your symptoms. Pay attention to your symptoms, and make adjustment as necessary to alleviate them. If they persist, seek help from a professional.


  • Self-care goes out the door, when there are other things to take care of. Make health your priority! And once you have provided for yourself you will be in a better position to serve others.




Your period is the perfect opportunity to connect with your body and your nature. According to the Ayurveda, the menstrual cycle is a time to slow down, to connect with your internal world. It marks the end of a cycle in the body and the start of a new opportunity.


The quality of your menstrual period is a very good indicator of the state of your health. If you experience a lot of uncomfortable symptoms, this could be a good indication of imbalances in the body. The menstrual cycle is not supposed to be painful, or cause adverse reactions. However, a lot of us have disturbed our hormonal cycles with excessive stress, heavy workouts, dieting, etc.


Slowing down will help you identify possible areas of changes you can make in lifestyle and habits to go through your cycle with ease.


Make sure to eat enough food to support your body during this time, and to provide it with a feeling of safety. Your hormones like to feel safe and relaxed.  It is normal to put on some water weight because of the changes in hormones, and this weight will go away. Our body can usually handle more calories during this time as well, so don’t deprive yourself of sufficient nourishment.


Use the time of your cycle to slow down, try not to book yourself busy during this time; allow your body to go through the process with ease, and provide the nourishment that it needs.


by applying the other steps discussed during this series, you will likely reduce your stress levels, and your hormones will start to normalize as well. you will notice your progress as reduced PMS symptoms, cramping, cravings, moodiness. All of that should improve as you start to provide your body with better care in all areas.