This is so important! It is not by chance that they call it “Gut Feeling” Our gut is like our second brain, we have billions of microbes living in our gut, and new science keeps discovering the intricate connection between those microbes and our feelings, emotions, level of health, immunity, etc. There are tons of nerves in our gut, which are connected to our brain. We experience our emotions through our gut. Think about it! Your body communicates with you through your gut.  There is a lot of intelligence in the gut, and it pays huge dividends to honor our “gut feeling”.


  • In order to stop dieting, pay attention to what foods you are naturally inclined to on a day to day basis, which ones you fancy more? Notice an honor those preferences. I have heard a doctor saying that it is not us but our microbes who actually crave those foods…. Of course if you are inclined to unhealthy foods, and constantly craving ice cream, pizza, etc. for example, that might be a good indication of imbalances and deficiencies; in this case, the best idea might not be to eat those foods but to go deeper into why you crave those foods. It might be worthwhile to take note and talk about it with your health practitioner, or nutrition coach.


  • For purposes of stopping the dieting mentality, pretend you don’t know anything about fats, carbs, protein, etc., while mindfully choosing what to eat. All foods are allowed, as long as you eat them slowly, and enjoy every bite. It is hard to binge slowly! So, you are ok!


  • As with most things I write about, I am very sensitive to different audiences, specially to those people who suffer from digestive issues, because this in an area very near and dear to me. So I would like to note that even healthy foods can be damaging when your body is not functioning optimally. Your diet should always be individualized, and based on your level of health. Things like quinoa, kale, nuts and seeds, which are natural and nutritious foods, can be harmful for someone who has any form of colitis for example, which was my case at some point. Even though my gut rejected those foods, it was hard for me to understand that it was better for my healing process to stay away from raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, and even fruits, so I kept forcing myself to eat them. Instead I needed to focus on healthy fats, probiotics, and protein. When I really paid attention, I noticed how my body loved those more soothing foods; I devoured bone broth at the beginning, and eventually as I started healing I started to crave more vegetables and fruit, and my diet became more balanced.


 It is not the foods that are good or bad in themselves, but our level of health, and what our body does with those foods that determines if they are good for us or not.


  • Make food, and exercise choices according to how they make you feel, and not so much according to the beliefs on “benefits” or “disadvantages” that you hold about those foods or types of exercises





Photo Credit Christopher Campbell on Unsplash