Thanks to Jimena’s guidance I made significant changes in my eating habits. I was also able to withdraw my thyroid medication and hormonal treatment for menopause. I learnt how to add healthy fats to my diet, which I was afraid of eating before. Jimena cleared my confusion regarding “low fat” products, and guided me on how to remove sugars and refined products from my diet, and to replace them with more nourishing foods. I was able to lose weight at my age, which I thought was impossible. Jimena is really good at reading people’s needs, and help them find what works for them.

Betty, Age 65


Jimena’s coaching is a truly holistic approach. She helped me to understand that it wasn’t only what I was eating but some lifestyle habits that were contributing to my stomach discomfort. I got rid of a bloated stomach by making very simple changes in my eating habits.

Her approach is based on the fact that we are all different and unique, and therefore we deserve a unique diet according to our needs. she helped me to better listen to my body, and design a unique eating map according to my body and lifestyle. Now I know what to shop for, and how to combine foods to have nutritious and complete meals that keep my energy going! I eat bread without guilt ! and No more counting calories!

Itzel, Age 35

For years I lived with conflicting  ideas about nutrition. I had tried several nutritional programs for losing weight, and the results had only been temporary. In only one month of coaching with Jimena I have been able to change some negative eating habits, and make peace with food. I was able to understand that food does not have to provoke negative emotions, on the contrary it should be an enjoyable experience. This has helped me make food choices based on awareness of my own body and health.   Jimena has been very helpful in the process of making profound changes in eating habits and in the difficult process of making peace with food and my body. Her weekly newsletter is filled with interesting and innovative ways of looking at diets, food and body image. Her style is totally different from anything else I had tried before.

Liliana, Age 35

Through working with Jimena, I realized that i had all sorts of wrong ideas about what to do to lose weight. I used to think that i had to starve myself and exercise as much as I could to look good and stay thin. Thank’s to Jimena’s guidance i have realized that eating more is what i needed to feel better and actually lose weight! Everything I have learnt through Jimena’s coaching and blog has not only helped me lose weight and feel great, but it’s also having a positive impact on my children’s health. I now have a stronger foundation to help my kids by providing them with good nutrition in the form of food, and also positive thoughts, and beliefs around food and body.

Georgina, Age 37

I started to lose weight in a completely different way from what I had tried for years without real results.  At the beginning I was hesitant but Jimena is very easy to talk to and she guides you step by step. Her support is also very personalized and I feel like she truly cares about my progress. I feel supported, accountable, and motivated to keep doing the deep work I need to do to keep losing weight for good. 

Sarah, Age 36

Last year I found myself struggling to lose weight. Jimena had the information I needed to hear  to make small changes. She helped me understand  the importance of replacing certain foods that I use on a regular bases with healthier substitutes. She also guided me on how to shop groceries with an eye on the ingredient list. Just with small changes, I managed to improve my health, I still have a long way to go, but I am definitely making progress thanks to Jimena’s teachings.

Musenga, Age 38


“In seven days, I lost an inch on my waist, and I didn’t even work out. I feel incredible, and my clothes fit so much better. This is a big change from the yo-yo dieting I’ve done for over eight years. It feels good to have control over my health and eating habits.”~

Erin Minneapolis, Min.


“I’ve completed this program twice, for 4 weeks straight. The biggest outcome for me was getting rid of the sugar cravings. I used to crave sugar all the time! I think I’d eat it at every meal. Thanks to the tips in this program, I learned how to fill up on the right foods and drinks so that I won’t get these cravings as often. Thank you so much for changing my life.” ~

Marian Ontario, CA. 


“This was the easiest weight loss program I’ve ever done. What I love the most is that this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Now that I have the knowledge to make healthy choices, I know I’m going to get in the best shape of my life.” ~

Christina Winnipeg, CA.


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