Why do we hate on our body?


This whole body image is a  huge thing.  Body image is simply the way you perceive your body, what you imagine your body is, and looks like. This perception lives in your imagination and you can change it anytime you want.


Do you ever wonder why you may  have such a hard time loving your own body and having a positive body image?;  like why is that, why do  we hate on our body, how does that happen?


 Perhaps  it could be because of the constant messages we are bombarded with through the media, TV ads, magazines, the fashion industry, the beauty, and health and fitness industry. They give  us an image of a  certain body type and shape that is “acceptable”, but extremely hard to achieve for most women.


We hate on our body because we are constantly comparing our body to that which is  “acceptable” according to mass media, and by doing that we feel less than desirable.


Whether that is the reason why we hate on our body or not, let’s just accept that  this challenge exists, do you agree? and it’s our job to learn collectively how to start to love the body, and build a positive body image, because when we start to love the body we feel a sense of love, we feel good. There’s something about accepting the way your body looks,  that when you  do that, things come together.


Your  body deserves love, and yet a lot of people have conditional love for their body, what does that mean?

positive body image


Conditional love means, you only love your body when you are at a certain weight that you consider your ideal, or when you notice that you’re losing weight, only then you “love your body”, only then you have a positive body image.


On the other hand, Unconditional love means, you  love your body  no matter what, is like being a parent, you’ll love your kids no matter what, you’ll protect them , risk your life for them. That is unconditional love.


If your baby  has a bunch of baby fat, you don’t say to your baby: hum, I really wanted a baby with six-pack abs and buns of steel, I  will not love you until you lose all your baby fat, do you imagine saying that to a baby?


It sounds cruel and  bizarre doesn’t it?  well,  that’s how bizarre it sounds when you  tell this to yourself: When i look like this, then and only then I will love myself and be happy….


How insane is that? But we do it. We love our bodies conditionally.


So here’s the practice, the daily practice to start loving your body. It’s called unconditional love.


It doesn’t mean you have to love every inch of your body , what it does mean is that you have to learn how to love the person that inhabits the body, You!


Learn to love your essence 


You  have to learn how to love your essence no matter what your  body looks like, because your body is going to change time and time again. You used to be a tiny little fetus, then your body went through a series of changes, and it has always been changing as time goes by.


Love it all!


When you  learn to love it all, life becomes gorgeous, and when life gorgeous, the body heals, It gets rid of what doesn’t serve it, it get’s rid of excess weight, and your relationship with food heals.


Start building a positive body image no matter what your body looks like right now.


Remember, you are not your body, your are not your name. These are things you have. The body is something you have a relationship with, and it’s affected by the way you think, and feel about it.


Your body image is simply the way you imagine your body to be, and the way you perceive your body to be is your Choice, and your’s only. So make it positive.


Did this post inspired something new in you?  what are you going to commit to do now to create a positive body image for yourself?  tell us below and share if you feel the love 🙂