You can get rid of toxins and “bad” foods, you can clean up your diet all you want, but when it comes to health, there are powerful feelings that can have a profound impact in your nutrition and health.


Fear is one of them.


Fear is an anti-vitamin; fear of getting fat, gaining weight , not having “the perfect body”, fear of not controlling you appetite, fear of eating gluten, sugar, not following the perfect diet, etc.


We produce so much fear around food and body and it consumes us. We create fear and it can get so big sometimes. But here is the thing, fear depletes nutritional status, by keeping the body in a stress response.


The Stress response was designed to help us survive in life threatening situation.


Digestion and assimilation shut down partially or completely during a stress response. When your body is under stress you excrete precious nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc.


Ongoing and unnecessary fear around food is translated to stress, and it robs the body.


Yes, look at your food, try to eat healthy, but it is as important to watch the thoughts that you think. You can’t hide from the wisdom of life. When your mind is manufacturing unnecessary fears, the body signals through digestive upset, indigestion, tension, anxiety, etc.

weight loss obstacles

So, what can  we do?


The more you bring your open heart into the places where you get afraid. The more you will melt the fear, you will realize that food is just food, and that it’s ok to love your body the way it is.


So, when you feel fear, when the negative thoughts about food and your body come, Can you find the love?, Can you inject some love, compassion and understanding for yourself in that moment?


Love heals your body. It relaxes the body, and then the body can step into the physiologic relaxation response, which is the optimum state of digestion, calorie burning, and assimilation. This is where you want to be!


How cool is that?


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