Hi! Welcome to the Weight loss Mindset Podcast. My name is Jimena Lerma I’m a Transformational Weight Loss and Mindset Coach and in this podcast I’m going to be sharing with you the information, tools, inspirations, insights that are going to help you develop the way of thinking, behaving , believing and feeling that is going to get you where you want to go with your body without having to focus on food and exercise. .


My goal is to help you do the following:


Feel free from the obsession with food

Free from the emotional attachment to food

Free from guilt around eating

Free from the dieting chains

Free from the obsession with body image

Free from judgement about yourself

Free from the stress you have inflicted on yourself.

Feel free to trust yourself

Feel Free to love yourself


In other words, I’m going to help you Reverse Engineer Weight Loss. Weight Loss should be a byproduct of you coming to terms with who you really are, who you want to be, what you believe in, what are the values you live by, how you go about yourself, whether you have fully embraced being alive and on planet Earth,etc.


When you arrive at a place where you feel good about yourself and your life, your body becomes balanced physically, chemically and emotionally. This feeling of balance and well being then drives your food and lifestyle choices.


When you feel at peace with yourself and the world, making healthy choices becomes much easier. You don’t use food as a crutch to deal with feeling empty, with a lack of spiritual connection, lack of love and fulfillment.


Believe it or not, food and exercise has very little to do with your weight.


Not because eating healthy is not important; but because you can be eating the healthiest most organic, vegetarian, or grass fed, full of antioxidants and superfoods and STILL have weight issues, still have excess weight, still feel heavy and have terrible digestion if you live in stress, in survival mode, if  haven’t come to an agreement about who you want to be,  the way you want to live your life, the way you’re going to treat yourself, the values that you want to live by, if you haven’t allowed yourself to live by those values. you’ll still have weight issues if you haven’t fully embraced  yourself with your past, your history, your mistakes, your disappointments, your nuances, etc.


You probably know people that are in good shape, good health and they don’t necessarily eat the best diet. I know a few. If you observe those people, most of them are pretty content with themselves; they allow themselves to have fun; they are confident, they have a positive outlook on life, they hang around positive people, they love life. By going through life like that, they generate the chemistry in their body that allows for great metabolism because they live in a Relaxation state most of the time. This state is the state in which your body thrives! This is the not so secret to achieving perfect health and healthy weight! Science knows that , but yet not many talk about this. I’ve seen it in my own life and the lives of the people I’ve worked with. It just is.


I’m going to challenge you to look into your inner world and straighten it out, because when you work on your inner world; you work on your metabolic world, and your body becomes what it’s meant to be: Healthy, Vibrant and Alive. A healthy body is a slim body. .


In this episode- Learn How Slowing Down with food can be a powerful way to lose weight


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