Today’s topic is for those of you who have always struggled with your weight, who have tried all kinds of diets and programs, have a sense of healthy eating,  and can’t seem to be able to keep the weight off…..


That was me, for a very long time, probably about 20 years….


I kept wondering why if I was watching what I ate and working out regularly, i didn’t seem to get the results other people get.


I blamed on my thyroid, my hormones, my lack of will power, I blamed it on the little food i was eating, on the little indulgences i was having here and there……etc.


But then I discovered that none of that was really the problem.


The biggest thing that helped me go from struggling to lose weight, to losing it easily and quickly was a shift in my approach and my mindset.


Most of us approach losing weight with a punishing mentality.


We start a program thinking ok, this time i’m going to watch myself very closely with what i eat, I’m not going to eat any sugar, any bread, any cheat food, im going to workout 5 times a week instead of 3, I’m going to be more strict, and have more control……..etc, etc.


And a couple days in…..we have already lost our motivation….. Why?


……because by doing that, by being strict,  what we are really saying to ourselves is: I don’t trust you, and because you haven’t lost the weight i must punish you, and treat you bad.


Who can be motivated when you treat them like that?  


What happens when we do that ,when we treat ourselves like that , is that at an unconscious level we put our body into a state of alarm,  a state of threat, and without knowing it we go into stress chemistry, which tells your body to not lose weight, store fat, and not build muscle, because we are in emergency mode……..survival.


This has been proven multiple times in scientific studies, and yet it’s not common knowledge. It’s basic human and animal physiology.


This is one of the things we have been doing wrong for years in the weight loss space, and one of the biggest realizations I had a few years ago when I studiet Eating Psychology.


Just by changing the way I approach losing weight, by changing my mentality and the way i treated myself in the process, everything started to change, I felt better about myself and I started to lose weight steadily for months and months.


I recovered my dignity and the process became much more enjoyable.


So, in order to start to change your mentality so that you can also start to  the results you have been trying to achieve for years,

a simple way to start is by making health you priority and focus.


Think about how you want to feel once you’ve lost the weight, and make feeling that way your priority as opposed to just focusing on a number on the scale.


Your goal could be  feeling better, aging more gracefully, having more energy, keeping up with your kids or grandkids, having better skin, feeling more confident, fitting better in your clothes.


By shifting the focus from this much weight to lose, to one of the things i mentioned, you will be more loyal to the program  you decide to choose….


You’ll be more patient, you’ll enjoy the process more, and more importantly you’ll relax and take your body out of stress chemistry so that it stops accumulating fat, and not letting you lose it.


Yes eating healthy is important, there’s no doubt about that, but in reality how you eat, and who you are as the eater have a much bigger impact in your weight and overall health than what you eat.


You should be able to eat indulgences, enjoy sweets, and occasional desserts and still be losing weight. If you’re eating mostly healthy. Yes, it’s possible!


Here’s what happens, If you eat under stress because you think food is making you gain weight, your body shuts down digestion, stores more fat, absorbs much less nutrition, and you defeat the whole purpose of eating healthy.


Even if you eat something that is an indulgence once in a while,  if you eat it in a relaxed state without guilt or shame, when you really enjoy that food, get the pleasure from it, your body will have a better capacity to process that food, metabolize it, and eliminate what’s not needed.


How does that sound?


So as you go through the meal plan in the 4-day program,


Think about what your mindset is as you are preparing meals, and eating, pay attention to the thought you’re thinking and the stories you’re telling yourself, and start to create a different experience for you,


Start to treat yourself with dignity and respect, so that your metabolism can fire up, and your body can relax and burn the extra fat and weight.


I hope this was helpful,


Remember, little steps lead to big transformations.


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